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Release: July 6, 301 AP.

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<tech> * As of 0600hrs Friday morning there is a media black-out on the election within
Utania. Clearly that does not affect outside Utania. </tech>

Parliament set to balance

A crude estimation by Utania's top pollster and political analyst, Prof. David
Kapur, sees the government win precisely the number of seats required to hold
power, exactly as happened last year.

The Parliament of the September 300ap election saw the Government hold 71 seats,
only one more than was required to hold power, and according to the estimates
drawn up by Professor David Kapur of the University of Luka, the government is
looking like winning precisely 79 seats, one seat more than the total non-
government seats.

Professor Kapur believes this will mean "business as usual" for the country,
that the President will continue with the same course he has steered the country
to date. Yet, the tight margin, says Kapur, leaves open the possibility that the
government may lose even more seats and be reduced to a minority government.
This would force President Okarvits to listen to the non-government parties far
more closely.

It also opens the possibility of President Okarvits losing a Presidential
election in eighteen month's time.

So far, Kapur admits, these are only projections and he is looking forward to
the election analysis this evening. He will be one of the key analysts at the
TV1 special on the election tonight.

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