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Release: July 10th, 301 AP.

Aij Utani has no progress for Lochboer plane

Aij Utani is severely embarrassed by the forced lay-up of one of its K-0330 jets
in the capital of South Bay, Lochboer.

It has now been 48 hours since the Klagstein K-0330 long range carrier bound to
Luka from Lochboer became stranded in the South Bay capital, and the technical
difficulties are becoming something of an international incident between the
Utanian and South Bay governments.

President Okarvits is known to have spoken to the government and diplomatic
attaches in Lochboer, and Robert Talin, Minister for Diplomatic Relations, has
been busily trying to unravel the situation. Aij Utani, Utania's largest
airline, appears at the centre of a diplomatic stand-off, with the disabled jet
at the centre of the situation.

"I can assure you that the passengers are safe and staying at a local hotel at
this time", said Aij Utani spokesman Jeffrey Knights. "But, at this stage, our
engineers have little to report that I can pass on."

Has the company been in contact with engineers at Klagstein?

"At this stage, we have contacted Klagstein and asked them to keep an
engineering team at the ready, but we do not believe they will be required at
this time."

Reports from the headquarters of the airline company report that external and
government consultants have been in and out of the building along with
diplomatic staff. There has been a strict "no comment" on the matter of the
dispute with South Bay's airport authority which is reported to have refused to
allow a second plane to be dispatched to collect the passengers from Lochboer.

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