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Release: July 10th, 301 AP.

Vex Internationalist newspaper rates Utania

Utania has come under the scrutiny of a left-wing Christianan magazine, the Vex
Internationalist, and comes up well.

The Vex Internationalist magazine, started in the late 70s, is devoted to "The
people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice". Published
monthly, the magazine has a regular feature on the backpage in the evaluation
of another second or third world nation. This month's issue evaluates Utania.

The magazine lists the issues facing the government in a newly liberated
nation, and attacks President Okarvits' poor record of reform to date. It says
that Utania is "significantly better off" than under the Guwimithian regime,
but warns that racial / economic tensions remain bubbling under the surface of
the country.

The country receives an average rating of "fair" from the magazine, up from the
"poor" rating the Guwimithian Empire received twelve years ago, but gives a
"poor" to income distribution and freedom, warning that rural Utani, poorly
educated in the "language of wealth", namely Ingallish, are on the verge of
rectifying "the situation by force".

President Okarvits rejected the assessment, although admits he hasn't read the
article, claiming that he saw "no evidence" that Utani were "on the verge of
civil war". He also rejected the magazine's assessment that he was without a
strategy for solving the country's ills.

"I certainly do have have a clear idea of the task at hand, and how it will be
solved", the President told reporters at a press conference. "Defence is
largely a done issue. Now we can concentrate on the primary goals of this
administration: Education, health and environment."

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