UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 11, 301 AP.

Rovens, Utania swap ambassadors

Utania and Rovens today swapped diplomatic representatives in the first
diplomatic action of the new democratic socialist Rovens state.

Utania and Rovens have had a long emnity, ever since UNVCOCN officials
signalled a desire to see Rovens as a single state, not a collection of three
of four states. Utania would have preferred to see the Utani people of Gvonj
have their own nation-state. Yet, today, such disagreement was put behind the
two nations who share SEOC as their region, in a formal exchange of Ambassadors
and Embassies.

The seeds of such a diplomatic coup lay in the attempted military coup in
Haastadt, Rovens, in April. Though having no desire to see Rovens dominate the
Gvonj-Utani, Utania's President Okarvits had even less desire to see the
Guwimithian-dominated armed forces rule the country. He immediately backed
President Kyonte of Rovens, and said the two nations would commence immediate
diplomatic relations.

President Kyonte of Rovens today visited Utan Krysaror, the Utanian capital,
and was received by President Okarvits. After some discussions before cameras,
and off-camera, and a tour of the city, in which President Kyonte met some
Gvonj-Utani in the capital, the two men exchanged ambassadors and sat down to
some more serious discussion.

President Okarvits pledged Û1 billion in development funding to the fledgeling
nation, and that the two nations would continue to "work closely together to
ensure the peace, security and development of the SEOC region".

SEOC, or South Eastern Old Continent, is a phrase coined by Utanian diplomats
referring to the region of the former Guwimithian Empire.

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