Luka Herald
Wednesday, July 14th, 301 AP.

Editorial Column:
Aij Utani crisis getting ridiculous

Aij Utani have been flying to Lochboer for a year or more and there hasn't yet
been a hint of a diplomatic fracas like this. Now, the passengers have been
stuck in a hotel in Lochboer for almost a week, the plane is apparently
permanently grounded and the President appears to be as cool as a cucumber.
What is going on?

Utanians cannot be held to ransom by an airport authority like this. To date
Aij Utani have been defiantly vague as to the exact nature of the dispute with
the airport authorities, and similarly vague about the nature of these
mysterious "technical difficulties" that the plane is experiencing. However,
what sticks in the throat for this newspaper is the pathetically poor handling
of this event and the poor feedback to the public as to what is happening. This
situation is fueling rumours circulating, like the one on Thursday from a
Hamilton radio station that the plane is being held by a bomb threat. Aij Utani
have been poor in providing journalists with details about the situation, and
shown a distinct lack of leadership in the situation, instead relying on the
government to solve it for them. Furthermore, requests from the Burovian Realm
have apparently been deferred because "Lochboer would object".

This newspaper has but one question: what manner of hold does the government of
South Bay have over the airline of Utania that could cause such an insipid and
pathetically deferent response from this nation and its airline?

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