UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 17th, 301 AP.

Opposition coalition stronger than government

The "opposition-six" as they are known, the six non-government parties, could form a
stronger minority government than the current government.

According to the lastest results projected by the Luka University Professor David Kapur,
the "opposition six" -- consisting of the Conservative, Cruistian-Democratic, Democrat,
Liberal Nationalist, Utani Progressive and Burovian parties -- would be only one vote away
from a majority in Parliament, while it appears the Peoples, Utani Saedaj and Republican
parties are four votes away from a majority.

Convention states that the party with the largest number of MPs -- in this case the
Peoples Party -- should be allowed to try to form a government first, but it is at the
President's discretion to approach whichever party he feels could form the strongest

Yet, while the "opposition-six" has a larger number of MPs, Professor Kapur points out
that it would be an even more unstable government.

"The Liberal Nationalists and Conservatives would fight over fiscal and economic policy,
having strongly differing views on what government should do to encourage and develop the
marketplace. While the Burovians and Cruistian Democrats would fight constantly over
human-rights, abortion-law or other such legislation. It would be a terrible mess."

Furthermore, he points out that the "opposition-six" could not rely on any parties
supporting them that were not already in direct opposition.

"While the Peoples-lead government could rely on the Progressive or Burovian parties for
support to pass bills, the 'opposition-six' would have no one to rely on save the Yannists,
as all other MPs would be part of their opposition.

"I think it is safe to assume that while the government will be in minority and will be
weakened, we will continue to have a Peoples Party-lead government for the next few years,
at least until a Presidential election."

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