UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 20th, 301 AP.

Court injuction denied in Savant Motors case

As suspected, the Federal Court of Utania has denied an application for a court injunction
against negotiations in the Savant Motors case between the government and Mr Atosu
Savante, but warned the government that the "consequences are dire".

Judge Leonard Weltin was asked on Monday to stop the government negotiating a settlement
with Mr Atosu Savante, who is seeking a multi-billion pund settlement for being "cheated"
-- he claims -- out of his family's 25% stake in the Savant Engineering company some 37
years ago. His former business partners strongly deny the accusation -- though there is
no financial consequences for them, only reputationally -- and asked the Federal Court to
force the government to follow the case through, not to settle out of court. They used
the fact that as citizens there was the possibility that Mr Savante was lying, and that
the government, by negotiating with him, was appointing itself judge of Mr Savante's case.

Judge Weltin agreed with the complainants that the government "by establishing itself as
sole arbiter as to the validity of this claim, outside a court of law, outside the public
view, is in dire danger of being firstly mislead, and secondly severely embarrassed by
being mislead and defrauded of billions of punds of what is effectively public monies.
These consequences should be severe enough for the government to reconsider, and follow
the case to take the normal course of the judicial system, a course of action that I
would strongly recommend."

However, the Judge continued, he could find no legal reason why the negotiations should
not continue. "This is a simple case of settling out of court with a claimant, and is not
illegal." He denied the injunction and allowed negotiations to continue.

The government spokesman said it was "close" to finalising the negotiations, and "should
have a proposal for the state Judge by week's end". Barring any further injunctions.

The former business partners of Mr Savante are planning to appeal to the full bench of the
Federal Court on Monday. Should they fail there, they will be left with no alternative
short of making the matter a constitutional one and appealing to the Constitutional Court,
or appealing to the Parliament. However, with a Peoples Party-lead government expected to
be approved by Parliament on Tuesday, that will not be an option. The President is the
leader of the Peoples Party.

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