UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 23, 301 AP.

Utanian Parliament convenes tomorrow

The second Utanian Parliament convenes tomorrow with Prime Minister Eric Barth
likely to be reelected to that position.

The Utanian Burovian Movement (UBM), who reclaimed six seats in the larger
Parliament, are expected to support the minority government coalition of the
Peoples, Utani Saedaj and Republican parties, who will be four seats short of
majority in the 157-member chamber.

The President is likely to announce to the Parliament that there is to be a
"reshuffle" of his cabinet, with several underperforming Ministers expected to
get the boot.

The Parliament reconvenes amid chaos in the SEOC region: an Aij Utani passenger
jet has been hijacked, and Rovens is currently experiencing civil disorder that
may see the Army called in to declare martial law. Prime Minister Barth, acting
in the position until tomorrow, said that his government would support all
initiatives by the President "that secure the interests of Utanians here and
abroad, and promote peace in the region".

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