UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 24, 301 AP.

Utania "will not" offer asylum to K'yonte

President Okarvits confirmed for reporters that Utania would not be making an
offer of "asylum" to President K'yonte of Rovens as suggested in yesterday's
edition of "Zeitgeist Magazine".

"The matter is entirely up to the Rovenian government. Should they make such a
request of Utania, will will certainly examine it carefully, but we will
certainly not be initiating such a request", the President told reporters.

The current edition of Zeitgeist Magazine offers suggestions to solve the
deepening crisis in Rovens. They include President K'yonte's immediate
resignation, and to speed that along, Utania should "immediately offer free
passage and residence to the (Rovenian) President in Utania, to speed his
departure from Rovens". The suggestion that President K'yonte resign has sparked
a fierce diplomatic row with Rovens, with the Rovenian Ambassador being recalled
even before he settled in Utania.

The magazine has described Rovens' President K'yonte as an "affable and morally
upright individual" but said that "his flaws have been too easily exploited by
all sides in this divided nation".

The Rovenian President came out fighting on Sunday in a special convening of
the national assembly or provisional Parliament, saying that the country should
mourn the current disorder, not praise it. He also ordered the Army to stay in
its barracks saying "the armed forces have absolutely no role to play in this
current civil disorder". This therefore precludes the calling of martial law to
clear the streets, as many liberals in the PIMR government are concerned the
Army will simply assume control of the government if "loosed".

Unfortunately, police are simply unable to bring the rioting crowds of protesters
under control each day. Rioting began on Friday evening, and has hardly ceased
during the nights. The crisis is severely undermining the President, who is
looking as embattled as his police. The National Assembly is sitting each day to
hear the President's report each day, and some radical members of the PIMR
government are said to be plotting to oust the President.

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