UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Sunday, July 29, 301 AP.

Utanian postal services a "shambles"

The three disjointed Utanian postal services working toward unifying are in "no
position" to cope with a string of letter bombs that are victimising officials
in the Burovian Realm.

According to a secret internal report commissioned by the Utanian President,
the three postal services are no closer to unifying themselves into a single
national postal organisation because of union troubles, management bungling and
lack of clear central goals and structure.

The report, secretly published three weeks ago, also dealt with the effective-
ness of the postal service to deal with a "significant security issue", such as
letter bombs being sent around the country, exactly the scenario currently
occurring in the Burovian Realm. The report concluded that with "such diverse
systems, procedures and approaches to the matter of postal delivery and
security, the organisations would fail miserably to cope".

Opposition leader Thomas Kemp said it was a clear sign that under the Okarvits
Presidency "things are not going well". Mr Kemp said he had not seen the
report, and was not privy to its findings, or recommendations, which include
the introduction of a central management structure, despite union opposition to
such a plan.

"The President is clearly unable to simply deal with the unions in an effective
manner", said Mr Kemp, adding "It is clear to me that he needs to shake up the
cabinet very quickly to start producing results."

The Burovian Realm is currently experiencing a security scare in the form of
numerous letter bombs being sent to Burovian officials.

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