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Vexbank to measure Human Development Index

The Vexillium Bank says it will attempt to measure the Human Development Index
for 61 nations worldwide, the standard measurement for measuring a nation's
social and economic development.

The Human Development Index measurement, or HDI, was developed by the
UNV Development Programme in 290 as a means of summarising the state of
development for nations, however, to date it hasn't been applied to the full 61
nations of Vexillium. The HDI provides a number between 1 and 0 that
summarises three key areas of development: health, education and income.
A perfect score of 1 would mean that the nation was the most developed in
the world, while a zero is applied for the absolute theoretical worst. The
measurement is somewhat relative.

"We believe that such a measure should be applied to the nations of Vexillium,
to help all peoples and all nations understand the state of the world", says
William Keynes, the Christianan economist Member of the Bank's Board of
Directors. "It is essential that we all understand the world situation so that
our aid and loans can be most effectively targeted."

"We believe that the most successful approach to matters of world hunger
and proverty is a cooperative approach, which is precisely what the Vexillium
Bank is all about."

Taking measurements for all 61 nations worldwide will require some light input
from the nations of the world, says VexBank Chairman, Douglas Rand. "We
will need assistance from each of the nations of the world, but it really should
not be that difficult to provide, or take that long to answer. VexBank analysts
will work with each nation to finalise the figures, and it will be they who do
the bulk of the work."

He said that a survey would be supplied to each nation that will require a short
series of basic facts about the nations. This will be delivered in the next four

"I am certainly hoping for a full response", said the Chairman, keen to make
this inaugural work of the VexBank the most informative and educational for
the world's nations. "We are doing this not so that, say, Christiana can know
how developed it is, but so that all nations can see where the world's trouble
spots are, and we can focus our activities there."

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