UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: August 7, 301 AP.

Confirmation: Utanian forces attempt to retake plane

A press statement has been handed to reporters in the dying moments of Monday evening confirming what was already becoming widely known: Utanian security forces have raided and retaken control of the hijacked Aij Utani passenger jet.

The news began circulating about the country late Monday afternoon after much of Lochboer airport was sealed off, and witnesses began telling reporters of the damage to the airport and around the hijacked jet. Witnesses, mostly travellers arriving or departing Lochboer airport, told of black-clad soldiers bearing machine guns surrounding the jet.

Inside the airport, Airport security police have sealed off a certain corridor from public access, but some witnesses describe seeing significant damage to the airport building, and large amounts of broken glass and debris in the corridor.

The news made it to only a handful of television and radio stations for their evening news, and no afternoon newspapers. All they could report was that there was damage to the airport and that it appeared that Utanian forces had resecured the plane.

The President's spokesman said that all would be revealled tomorrow morning.

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