UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Thursday, June 13th, 302 AP.

Kemp calls on President to "reveal all"

The President has been advised to "reveal all" in the federal government budget
by the opposition leader before it is unveiled for him.

Opposition leader Thomas Kemp today called on the President to "reveal all" in
the "knotted, black lagoon" that is the federal budget. While attempts have
been made to construct a comprehensive federal budget, the President has not
allocated many resources to the task, prompting opposition claims of a

"What do you have to hide, Mister President?" demanded the opposition leader in
Parliament today. "Why don't you just tell us all, now, before I am sitting in
your chair and can reveal to the world what you have been so desperately

While Mr Kemp's grandious speech was enjoyed by a cackling opposition, the
government benches retorted that Mr Kemp was "presumptious" that voters would
"give you half a chance" at the Presidency. Mr Kemp is arguably the leading
opposition candidate in next year's Presidential election, but it is yet early

For their part, the "middle-ground" parties, those neither supporting nor
opposing the government, including the Utani Progressive and Liberal
Nationalist Parties, plus the Burovians, who are tacitly government allies, are
certainly interested in the results of any investigation.

The opposition have successfully convened a Parliamentary enquiry into Defence
spending last week, after the announcement that the government was buying an
aircraft carrier at an undisclosed price. So far, the enquiry has yielded some
good results.

The Burovians are publicly more understanding that government departments are
still "pulling themselves together", but, privately, Burovian leader Max
Boornal is said to have had quite heated arguments with government Ministers
over the lack of "coordinated spending targets".

The government's revenues are expected to amount to Û85 billion this year.
Spending is estimated at Û95 billion, of a Û650 billion Utanian economy.

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