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Friday, June 14th, 302 AP

Castronovia foreshadows possibility of "no money"

The newly communist enclave of Castronovia is "considering its options" on the
future of money in the independent communist republic, former to and south of

The "Most Senior Secretary, Dept of the Interior", Alhazer bin Omar, indicated
as much in a statement on Castronovian state radio, last Friday, during a
broadcast noting the achievements of the communist regime to date.

Speaking in the local Hismorcan language, Mr Omar said the "root of all
capitalism is the power to control money". He then suggested that if money were
removed, capitalism "could not take root".

Mr Omar suggested a model whereby citizens are provided with all living
necessities -- food, clothing, electricity, fuel, entertainment, etc -- all
free of charge. However, "all able-bodied people" would be required to work,
and would be provided with a designated number of coupons annually for "luxury
items", such as non-essential home furnishings, or non-essential clothing.

As this is precisely the model used by the Pataki communist, it is increasingly
obvious, say analysts, that the Castronovians are being "lead by the nose".

"It's no surprise", said one analyst in Cimera who prefers anonymity, "that the
fingerprints of the Pataki communists are all over this 'Castronovian' state.
Ever since Castronov himself thanked the Pataki for their support, it's been
clear the Pataki would be intimately involved in helping establish the state."

But, no money?

"That should sound the death knell of communism in Castronovia, I think", the
analyst mused.

Reprinted from an article in the June 10th edition of Zeitgeist Magazine.

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