UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Saturday, June 15th, 302 AP.

UFA to draw more funds away from clubs

The Utanian Football Association today foreshadowed more money flowing from
gate receipts to itself, rather than to the clubs.

Chairman Roger Beyose told the clubs at a special meeting after Saturday's
Richmond-Geelong clash, that the UFA will be taking a "double share" compared
to last year, when it yielded a mere Û10 million in gate receipts. Spread over
32 clubs, the loss of Û10 million will not amount to much, he allegedly told

The UFA last year ran up debts of almost Û30 million, and has since been in a
strong fight with the clubs to get a greater share of gate receipts, estimated
to be Û90 million last year. Its fight primarily comes with the association's
largest club, one whose own revenues eclipse that of the UFA itself, Luka

The Û80 million club is determined not to lose any more revenue to the
"corruption" of the UFA, though, with gate receipts amounting to little more
than a few percent of their total revenue, the Club claims to be speaking on
behalf of the other smaller clubs.

Previous suggestions by the UFA that they take control of stadium advertising
and sponsorship have been vigorously rejected by Luka Central.

While the UFA spent Û90 million last year, strong rumours abound that the
association is projecting a doubling in its budget, which would make it, at
last, larger than the Luka Central club, perhaps annoying the Club's senior
members and management.

Luka Central operates four Luka-based championships, including the Luka Juniors
for under-18 players. The UFA also supports and sponsors competitions across
the country.

The former Chairman of the UFA, along with numerous managers and executives,
were jailed for corruption last year, and the current Board, lead by Beyose,
staged a "palace coup" to take control of the UFA, pledging to "end corruption,
nepotism and sycophancy" in the organisation.

Their "Future Directions" report in due later this month.

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