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Release: Sunday, June 23rd, 302 AP.

Kapur predicts "President" Okarvits again

There is no denying it, says Professor David Kapur, no matter how good the
opposition plan their campaign, President Okarvits is most likely to win again
in February.

Next Monday marks the unofficial beginning of the Utanian Presidential
campaign, when the Conservative and Cruisian-Democrats, the leading opposition
parties, will have finalised their list of nomination candidates, and begin the
long race to January 11 next year, and the February run-off. On the "Sunday"
program on Zeitgeist News, reknowned political analyst, Professor David Kapur
of Luka University, gave his views on the coming six months of political

Prof. Kapur gave little hope to the likes of the Republican, Burovian or
Liberal Nationalist Parties, saying their "range of appeal" was not wide enough
to win over 50% of the country's voters.

"The Republicans are still an Uta-Decashi semi-socialist party, the Burovians,
another Uta-Decashi party of liberalist doctrine, and the Liberal Nationalists,
the Uta-Decashi party of nationalism. None of these parties have wide appeal to
Utani voters, and the key to this election will be the Utani voter."

Prof. Kapur agreed that the Conservative and Cruisian-Democratic Parties had
the same problem, but that with the support of the Utani Progressive Party had
"significantly widened their appeal".

"Beside which", he added, "these two parties joining forces gives them enormous
appeal amongst Uta-Decashi and east-coast Utani voters, who still represent
about 40% of the vote. This makes them the leading Uta-Decashi party."

However, Professor Kapur said the "only real threat" should have come from the
Democratic Party, the oldest political movement in the country, and a party
that has enormous appeal amongst Utani voters. In the country's southern-most
state, the choice when voting is between the Peoples-Utani Saedaj coalition
and the Democrats.

"The Democrats are the only other party, aside from the President's Peoples and
Utani Saedaj parties, that has wide appeal across the nation", Professor Kapur
noted, but added that the biggest threat to the Democrats was "the current
internal split that is threatening the party once again."

Numerous modern political parties can trace their origins to schisms within the
Democratic Party, including the Peoples, Conservatives and Liberal parties.

However, Professor Kapur concluded his analysis, "all of this is irrelevant
compared to the enormous popularity of the President's coalition. Polls
repeatedly demonstrate that his position is largely unassailable."

"I think it is safe to bet that we will likely have President Okarvits for
another four years."

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