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Release: Wednesday, June 26th, 302 AP.

BTM unveils "Integral" operating system

Business Thinking Machines, or BTM, Utania's own computer hardware and software
company, has today unveiled the latest version of its operating system which
attempts to win back customers from the popular Mirrors operating system.

BTM unveiled the latest version of its long-running BTM O/S operating system at
a special unveiling function in downtown Luka. Inviting over 2,900 people to
the overcrowded function, BTM gave a live demonstration of the new software,
showing the flashy graphical interface, internet capability and, in particular,
the internet security functions that users and administrators had long
complained were missing from the company's last O/S version.

The software is to be simply called "Integral", but is just a marketing rename
of O/S version 11. Version 10 was released in 297, the first internet capable
BTM operating system, and was very successful at winning back users to BTM.

However, internet insecurity was sorely lacking in the new operating system,
and a series of patches and new releases were made available, ending in
December with version 10.14, costing the company millions. With "Integral",
BTM are hoping to avoid this expensive cycle, beefing-up the internet security
features of the software.

"We had previously relied on the networking features and functions of the
system to prevent internet incursions", BTM's deputy head of Development,
Bettina Rees explained, "But, with home users, such functions are not
available. This was clearly a mistake on our part and one we have now


Internet security is not, however, the major change in the software: the
appearance is. Colourful, packed with helpful features, and smoothe graphical
transitions, plus Mirrors-like desktop functionality, "Integral" is certainly
easy to use and pleasing to the eye. But, not cheap.

At Û360 for a personal, single-user copy of Integral, the company is projecting
Û600 million over the next twelve months in sales, certain to spike their share

The "Integral" operating system, as usual, is released alongside new versions
of the popular WP word processor, SX spreadsheet, "Presentation", "e-Database"
and other BTM software packages.

BTM is a Û1.7 billion (sales) computer hardware and software company,
specialising in the mainframe and personal computer market. It declared a
Û212 million profit last year, and with an LSX capitalisation of Û3 billion,
produced a 12.9 PER.

There are an estimated 5 million computers or computing terminals in Utania,
with 90% of those using BTM hardware, be that the mainframe system or the
increasingly-popular personal computer clones. BTM O/S is installed on all
machines, but the personal computers have a variety of foreign-made, competing
options, including the "Mirrors" operating system.

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