UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Friday, June 28th, 302 AP.

Conservative-CDP finalise their candidate list

The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat coalition has finalised its list of
candidates, six people who will contest the race for the coalition's
Presidential nomination.

The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat coalition will make their nomination for the
Presidency at their September conference, but it is allowing the 25 individual
coalition branches to make their own decisions in the months leading up to the
conference. Each Branch will have a weighted vote at the conference, determined
by the aggregate Conservative and Cruisian-Democrat votes in that electorate at
the last general election.

This means that the nomination (or pre-selection) race will be fought all over
the country, particularly in the electorates of Dansvelt, Utan Krysaror and
Hamilton which collectively represent 104 of the 465 branch votes available.

The six are: For more detail on the candidates:

The six face-off at the first branch vote in Jostt, in the south of Lasanne
state, on July 25th.

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