UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Sunday, June 30th, 302 AP.

Cruisian Democrats support Aethelnian opposition

Utania's Cruisian Democratic Party (CDP) gave a strong endorsement to the main
opposition party in Aethelnia, currently contesting a nation election.

While the CDP do not allow themselves to actively campaign on behalf of any
foreign political party -- and are also limited by Utanian law -- their
leadership today gave a "show of moral support" to the Cruistian Democrats of
Aethelnia, as a "brother party in the fight to keep religious freedom".

The CDP accuses the left-wing Aethelnian government of "anti-religious
extremism" for attempting to follow the Lendosan example and implement a law
which bars public servants from taking any action or making any statement that
could be construed as an endorsement of a particular religion.

This same secularity law broke international headlines with the sentencing to
ten year's prison for a university lecturer for making "insecular" statements
in a lecture.

The CDP is a leading opposition party which captured 6.5% of the national vote
in Utanian Parliamentary elections in July last year, and is contesting the
Presidential election next year in alliance with the opposition Conservative
Party. The CDP were formed in 293ap after an acrimonious split from the Peoples

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