UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Monday, July 1st, 302 AP.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new and improved UFA

President Okarvit's government-sponsored coup of the UFA in 301ap is now paying
dividends with a revamped Board and management today unveiling their
corruption-free organisation.

The Utanian Football Association unveiled its new and improved self to an
audience of 700 journalists, sports commentators, the Minister for Culture and
Ministry of Culture officials, and numerous observers. It had been promised for
months, ever since the Board and management coup d'etat of December, after the
national Utanian team failed to win a game at Vexcup 301.

Yet, that was an action a year in the making, which began when the Chairman of
the UFA was arrested for fraudulent use of government grants to the UFA. While
the chairman and dozens of others protested their innocence, and then protested
the federal police's entrapment of them, commentators saw truth in their
claims: it was clear the President was not going to tolerate corruption
anywhere in the country, least of all in the guardian of Utanian football.

Today, the fruits of the President's work were collected and put on display: a
revitalised UFA.

A full in-depth exploration of the new UFA and its announcements is available
from: http://www.jaggedblue.com/zgnews/_20701,new_ufa.html

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