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Release: Monday, July 1st, 302 AP.

UFA unveils new strategy, website

The Utanian Football Association today unveiled its new strategy and website,
and revitalised organisation structure designed to keep the corruption, that
was endemic in the organisation, out.

Perhaps a cornerstone of the "new UFA" is openness. Corporate Financial Officer
Richard Price said that the organisation's finances would be substantially more
open to the public, and, particularly, the clubs that sponsor the UFA.
Transparency would be key, he told reporters.

As part of this new policy, the UFA will be spending Û640,000 to upgrade the
phone system and the website so that "all you'll hear is football, football and

"We have developed, and release today, a 56-page web site that will be the
internet face of the UFA", CEO Robert Aranja told the gathering of journalists
and others earlier today.

"It will list all of the teams in the national competition, the key players,
the latest results, and the past year's results, plus all of the information
about the organisation itself, and the national team."

It is the culmination of some three months intensive work, said Mr Aranja, and
two gradual years of design and planning.
[tech: ..and he weren't kidding, neither! ]

The website is available at http://jaggedblue.com/ufa/

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