UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Monday, July 1st, 302 AP.

Local police "annoyed" as UPIA take-over

Local police in Vela Luka, the capital city of the east coast state of
Nystonia, have been "significantly annoyed" by a UPIA take-over of a murder

When police arrived on the scene, at 01h44, they thought it to be nothing more
than a simple murder investigation. Ulano-Gronkian male, mid-thirties, found
deceased in hallway of low-cost housing above a strip-club in the seedier part
of town. Junior officers have even admitted that they did not expect the murder
to receive much attention, given the environment.

However, by 4am, two-dozen agents of Utania's intelligence agency, UPIA, had
taken over the investigation and evicted the state criminal investigation team
from the scene. The area, including four streets, have been sealed, with local
police now taking orders from the leading intelligence liaison.

And, perhaps understandably, police are miffed. More surprising is that they
are saying so.

"Yes, I would have to say that the way in which UPIA treats local law enforce-
ment and criminal investigations officers is simply deplorable." This is a
quote not from a disgruntled rookie cop, but the Chief of Police, Vela Luka
Central district, Irvin Kessel.

"We have been around a few more than three years", he added, referring to
UPIA's creation in late 299ap by the burgeoning Utanian state and UNVCOCN.

Despite this, police privately admit that no matter how miffed, they would
"never, ever" try to pull rank on UPIA agents. "We all know that when they pull
that badge exactly who is in charge!" said one officer.

UPIA's media liaison declined to make any comment about the murder
investigation, or about why the intelligence agency would care about a "slime
street" murder. But he was keen to mention that UPIA agents have been selected
from the best police and military units in the country, and that the selection
process was "extremely stringent".

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