UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Tuesday, July 9th, 302 AP.

UFA gate receipts est. Û101m - RBU

The Reserve Bank of Utania and UFA have joined heads to calculate that football
attendances will be worth Û188.3 million this year, and the UFA will reap Û101m
of that.

An estimated 124.7 million Utanians will attend football matches this year, an
average of 2.66 matches per citizen, and they will pay Û202 million to do so,
even though 60% of the games they see will be free. An estimated 19.15 million
of those attendances will be for UFA games, which will earn the gates
Û100.65 million.

This may mean that the UFA gets more than the Û25 million it estimates in
revenue this year.

The game is also solidly in front of any other sport, in terms of attendance --
only 6.65 million paying attendances will be made to other sports, from
athletics to golf to motor racing to tennis. While this may include the Utanian
open golf and the Luka motor racing, there is most definitely a definite limit
to the number of people that can attend such events.

Furthermore, football is also solidly a "working class" sport, with the poorest
40% of the country's households making up 60% of football attendances. To be
fair, these are mostly free matches.

These figures are all part of the calculations of the Utanian Reserve Bank's
Economic Analysis Unit, RBEAU, which was charged over two years ago with
calculating the size of the Utanian economy. Though the unit has tentative
figures, the job is far from complete, RBEAU reported today, but, as the
figures today demonstrate, the unit is making progress.

Entertainment is one economic sector currently under analysis, and football is
a component of this. The unit has also been working with cinema companies
nationwide to project that the Utanians will view 1.37 films each this year,
paying Û710 million for the privilege.

The unit also calculates that 11% of that money will be to see Utanian-made
films, which will be heartening for the Utanian film industry, and the Culture
department that supports it.

The RBEAU estimates the Utanian economy to be 680 billion Utanian punds or
227 billion crowns, which is 4,822 crowns per capita.

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