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Release: Thursday, July 11th, 302 AP.

Castronovia seeking new power station construction

The Castronovian Interior Minister, Alhazer bin Omar, announced on the

communist regime's national radio that Castronovia would end its dependence on
Cimeran electricity by building its own power station.

Castronovia, according to its website, is currently generating 6.53 TWh, but
using 9.63 TWh, drawing the shortfall from Cimera in return for continued
guarantees of uninterrupted power supplied to the Cimeran Haliso enclave.

Cimera and Castronovia were not ready to be separated nations, with most power
stations in the central and northern regions, not in the now-communist south.
Only two power stations, the 460 MW Guelmim and 390 MW Agadir stations, were
actually built in the southernmost province, now the Castronovian Peoples'

Further complicating matters: the Haliso enclave, a city and its surrounds,
secured from communist control by an international force dominated by the
Listonians. Without its own power source, the city is at the mercy of the
communists, who "permit" power to be transported via "their" high-voltage lines
to the city.

The Castronovian and Cimeran governments have so far enjoyed quite amicable
discussions on electricity management, with the Cimerans demanding little more
than their costs covered for the 3.1 TWh of exported electricity.

The Interior Minister said he had "enjoyed lengthy consultations with our
Pataki brothers in the struggle" and that a wind generation was being "actively
considered", rather than another "polluting capitalist icon on our motherland",
a coal or oil-fired power station.

To generate 3.1 TWh, the Castronovians will need a 354 MW generator running
24-7. Due to wind power's notorious variability -- wind does not always blow
constantly -- analysts believe the Castronovians will need about 600 2MW
generators, costing around C1 billion plus (~C200m) installation.

A comparative gas combined-cycle power station will cost about C180 million
to build, say analysts, but gas prices may make it more expensive in the long

The Interior Minister's announcement came on a regular address to the nation.

CIR is a collective of independent reporters and journalists currently or
formerly residing in Castronovia. While not actively opposed to the communist
government itself, they are vigorously opposed to the communist's media
controls and will report from within or without the system to inform the world.
They are also opposed to the renaming of the "nation" to serve the ego of its
leader, proposing that Hismorcan Republic is more fitting; thus the
collective's own name. They are being supported, in part, by the Zeitgeist

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