Luka Herald
Wednesday, July 24th, 302 AP.

Editorial Column:
Cimera's "new" democracy plan

Meanwhile, the Luka Herald editorial board was fascinated to read that
Cimeran Jeffrey Thomasson is proposing that the Constitutional reform the
nation undertakes includes "additional votes" be afforded to those who
complete further education, own land or houses.

Fascinated, perhaps, but not surprised. The idea that the more intelligent
or more "responsible" should be afforded a greater influence on government
is not a new idea, it is reverse suffrage, and has been around since early
Rimlah Republics. It was similarly intuitive to the nobility of the
Guwimithians -- though they were (and are) not alone in this thinking --
that they, a far smarter, better educated and more responsible people, be
granted exclusive rights to govern the Dependency peoples. It was common
sense afterall, with no one questioning that all the Empire's resources
were made available to just them.

Give the landed Gentry a vote, cried Christianan reformers two or so
centuries ago*. Slowly this suffrage was expanded to include all. But, now,
Mr Thomasson proposes that the vote granted to all be diluted in favour of
those same "landed Gentry".

And was it not a famous Rimlahn philosopher who advocated that the city
states be ruled by the intellectual elite?

This is not a new idea, but it is a bad idea. The Luka Herald wishes the
Cimeran people the very best in their quest for reform, but strongly
suggests that they stick closely to the founding precept of modern
democracy: One man, one (equal) vote.

[* Tech: Sorry, Edward. Wanted to make a point referencing English history
c1800. Similar apologies to Kjell's ancient Rimlah (Greek) Republics. And,
last but not least, not offence intended to you, Mr Carl. :-) ]

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