Politics of the Peoples' State
Why the struggle is not over.

With the end of the Guwimithian regime, many believe that the Oppressor is gone, and that the Peoples Army should surrender the struggle, reintegrate into the democratic state known as Rovens. Fortunately, this only exposes the strength of the lies told to the people, and strengthens the Peoples Army to undertake the new task afforded to them, as the third phase of the struggle begins.

The oppressor has merely changed name, merely changed his tune, but the song is the same song he has been singing since before the beginning of the Peoples' struggle. It is the song of exploitation, the song of deception.

"We come, bringing you liberation" they say. "We bring the fruits of your struggle."

The only fruits that the Peoples have tasted have been from the sweat of their own efforts. They understand that a free gift carries a price, and that price will only be exposed long after their are returned to the bondage of their previous existences. The exploitation of the working classes is still practiced in nearly every democratic nation of the globe. What makes them believe that we would think it will not also return to this so-called "new-born nation"?

The Sirens' song of the so-called liberal-left government of President Kope is that the power of the ruling class has been shattered, and that the working classes are freed from the shackles of old. Yet, the same divisive power structures are maintained by this very government. The ruling classes still maintain and wield their power, their monetary wealth, through the structures of capitalism and banking. They think that because the country has been democratized, that this strength has been dissipated, and that the Peoples' Army has no further need of the instruments of her only defence.

We have seen the strength of their resolve not to negotiate with us, but to crush us! We saw this in the savage and murderous assassination of one of the Peoples' Army's finest Officers, Rhosei Penyassa.

These instruments of the wealthy class who talk of peace demonstrate most clearly their new-found "resolve to peace". They demonstrate that they are little more than puppets of the former Military class that ruled this land with a fist of Iron. Deceived, they claim otherwise, and in theatrical displays of their devotion to the Peoples' cause, give speeches and arrest a "patsy" of the regime, General Keralski.

While there is little doubt that he stands rightly accused of the crime of a most brutal murder, he is only the little man, obeying the orders of his political masters. Yet, they only prove their guilt: the speed of his arrest demonstrates their previous knowledge of his guilt, and his confinement proves his knowledge of ruling class and their complicity from the beginning.

They accuse the Peoples' Army of clear provocation, because of our refusal to disarm. Yet, while their is a peace proposal on the negotiating table from the Peoples' Army, it is constantly disregarded. This, too, clearly demonstrates their strategy: a toothless Peoples' Army exposes a defenceless Pataki people, defenceless against the ravages of the capitalists, of the ruling classes with their structures in defence of greed and poverty-inducing economic exploitation.

They would remove the strength of the Pataki people, claw the strength of our equitable distribution of foods and resources from our dying fingers, and chain the people into the old cycle of exploitation and deprivation. They would take control of that which is currently in the hands of the people, and hand it, once again, into the hands of the ruling, land-owning classes, those who have ruled from the beginning.

They feign their weakness with claims that the poverty of the Port of Olives colony is growing. They show us their soft under-belly, telling us it is weak, then would claw and devour us with the strength of their deception.

There will be no capitulation by the Army of the People, and the defence of the people will continue while there is still life in the bones of the valiant heroes of the Peoples' Army.

The Peoples' Army has a forsworn duty to defend the Pataki people from the fiery vengeance of the oppressors' rage, and from the deceptions and feigning of the supposedly "new" but ultimately self-deluding political order. There will be no lasting peace with the new regime without a full agreement to self-determination for the Pataki people, to autonomy for the Pataki people, and to continued democratic allocation of resources within the Pataki Peoples' State. Were such principles and institutions extended to the whole of the Rovenian state, this would also be acceptable (however, the PPA is not foolish enough to believe the enemy will capitulate without a fight, anymore than we will).

We will not surrender our position of strength without such unconditional guarantees.

This is the pledge of the Pataki Peoples' Army.

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