In the final days of the campaign, TV advertisements have saturated TV from a core nine parties all promising "progress" but with their own flavour.
Conservative Party TV advertisement
Conservative Party TV advertisement
Peoples Party TV advertisement
Liberal Nationalist Party TV advertisement with the slogan Utania for Utanians
Utani Progressive Party TV advertisement plugging the Utani nationalism
Utani Saedaj advertisement - For the people, and the children

Utani-Sædaj Party ad' translated: For the Utani way of life; For the Utani children; Vote Utani-Sædaj. Simple.
Democratic Party TV ad

Democrats: Judged the best advertisement by this panel - short, sweet, to the point: "For Progress, People, vote for us".
Utanian Burovian Movement TV advertisement still running on anti-Conservative fever

Utanian Burovian Movement: still living on the carcass of the Conservative Party. Rapid-fire images reminding the viewer "Look at what bad ol' Pres. Hope did".
Nationalist Party TV advertisement

Nationalist: Imperio Utani, calling for a return to the Utanian Imperial past.
Cruis-Democrats running with Justice fever
Conservative Party TV advertisement

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