Embassy of the United Democratic Republic of Utania
Newton, Ordland
Bulletin: March 17, 301 AP.

The following letter was received by a resident of Danica and serves as a warning to other citizens of the former Guwimith Empire:

To: Philip Aruj, Utanian Ambassador to Ordland.

My family and I are former residents of Luka in what was once Guwimith Wide Shore province of the Guwimith Dependencies, and hold a passports of the Guwimith Empire. We have recently been living in Andrewshavn, Danica for the past three years on a working visa, and am enquiring as to whether we can return to Luka, and whether the Imperial passport retains validity. Please can you assist.

Yours... etc...

Dear Sir,

The passport of the Guwimith Empire is, as I understand it, no longer valid, but you would be best to contact the Embassy of Whitlam in Danica to see whether you are entitled to a passport of Whitlam/Guwimith. These matters should have been raised some years ago, when the Dependencies were under UNV control, when citizenship of Utania was being established.

You do not specify whether you have Utani heritage. This is automatic entitlement to Utanian citizenship and an Utanian passport. Furthermore, you do not specify whether the passport you held was of "Dependency Class", which would further enhance your case. If not in both cases, the process becomes more difficult. If you had contacted the Guwimith Imperial Embassy or your nearest UNV office during the UNVCOCN administration of the Empire, they could have established your residency and issued you and your family a new passport, but since that time, the Utanian government has legislated that the only new passports that will be issued will be to those of Utani heritage.

If you can prove Utani heritage, then please forward us the details and we shall immediately issue you with an Utanian passport. If you do not have Utani heritage, but continue to hold a residence in Luka, we can evaluate your case and you may receive an Utanian passport. Failing these, you are clearly at this present time without a valid passport, which is why I would immediately contact the Embassy of Whitlam, who, I believe, will issue you with a passport of Whitlam/Guwimith. Then, you may apply for a residence visa for Utania, and, if approved, return to Luka, however, I do warn that there is currently a suspension of the issuing of all residency visas.

Yours sincerely,
Jason Arbend,
Immigration and Citizenship Manager,
Utanian Embassy of Ordland.

Department of Diplomatic Relations, Utania, 301 AP.

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