April 11th, 301 AP.
Re: Mutineers disciplined in Haddock Cove

Utania wishes to raise its objection to the "Cruel and unusual" punishment inflicted upon several of the mutinous sailors on the AMD Fireball.

We appreciate completely that Navy discipline must be enforced in order to maintain order on her ships. We also appreciate that there is a possibility that the offenders were members of the Zartanian Communist rebellion that cannot be allowed to exist within the ranks of the Zartanian military. Furthermore, we raise no objection to that which the Empire clearly regards as a necessity, in executing its own to maintain that same discipline even though the federal government of Utania deplores the use of execution as a disciplinary tactic.

However, the effective execution of sailors by means of torture is beyond the bounds of reasonable punishment even for the worst offenders! These three men were supposed to endure a punishment of five-hundred and fifty lashes, which, simply put, is impossible for any human being to survive. Their skin would be flayed to the bones, their muscles would be severed and damaged beyond repair, and their blood loss would be critical, with almost a total loss of blood pressure.

It is expected that this is precisely how these three men died. It is of enormous surprise that these mens' corpses survived to the sixth round of flogging, though conceivable that the Imperial Navy utilises a far less severe method of employing the "lashes". Even sixty lashes of normal strike would reduce a normal sailor to the "severely injured" list, with deep incisions in their backs, severe muscular tissue damage and significant blood loss.

Therefore, with no hope of survival for the three men forced to endure up to 550 lashes, this punishment, "flogging around the fleet" can only be seen as a method of execution by torture, which certainly would contravene proposed human rights laws.

The Utanian government calls on His Imperial Majesty to repeal the laws that allow such a punishment to be performed, whipping a sailor to death, declaring this "cruel and unusual punishment", not fitting for an Empire of such magnificence as that of the Greater Zartanian Empire.


Phillip Stanton MP, Minister for Health and Social Services, and
Robert Talin MP, Minister for Diplomatic Relations,
United Democratic Republic of Utania.