To: Caroline Shenzhen,
Westermarc Secretary of Transportation,
BWA Kikikira, Maeru Prefecture,
Chakrazipang (Westermarc)
From: Paul Woewoden,
Chief Operations Manager,
Aij Utani.

July 11th, 301 AP.

Thank you sincerely for your offer of assistance in the matter of our stranded
jet in Lochboer. I say this also on behalf of the Utanian government -- the
Foreign Minister, Robert Talin, passes on his thanks.

We may indeed accept this offer, but will need to secure "rights of passage"
from the Lochboer Airport Authority, which may take some days of negotiation.
We will let you know as soon as possible. At this stage, my understanding from
Lochboer is that no plane may land in connection to this situation.

We will keep you posted.
Thank you once again.

Paul Woewoden
Luka, Utania.