The Vexillium Bank Board of Directors

The world's top bankers, economists and leaders have come together to form the Vexillium Bank, and now the cream form the provisional Board of Directors for the Bank, to be agreed by the representative council of the member nations.

Douglas Rand
Chairman of the Board.
Former CEO and later Chairman of the Guwimith Provincial Bank in the Guwimithian Dependencies (now Utania), Mr Rand has long term experience in running a bank, and extensive experience particularly in raising capital funds, being key to raising funds for the former Guwimith Tsarist regime.

Robert Tsurami
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Banking executive from the TD Corporation in Otago, he has lengthy experience in the evaluation and administration of loans, and will take control of the Vexillium Bank's Economic Evaluations Unit.

Prof. Dr. Volker Wirtshov
Recently Director of the institute of national economy, University of Kyjovo, Feniz, Professor Witshov brings a solid expertise to the Board in the field of economic management, and will head the Economic Advisory department.

William Keynes
Christianan Economist specialising in "green economics", and will head up the bank's Environmental and Cultural Impacts Evaluation team. He has fifteen years experience in advising national governments and green advocacy groups worldwide, and has authored five books to date.

Andrew Fisher
Former politician with Treasury experience from the Federal Republic of Whitlam. Mr Fisher is an expert in the economic and financial needs of nations, and a keen advocate of the development of national resources, and opponent of worker exploitation. He is also an anti-conscriptionist, for what it's worth.

Please note that I have deliberately taken people and names from a variety of nations across the globe. Should the nations they are from sign-on as members, they will be welcome to "steal back" the names and appoint them as their representatives or candidates to the Board of Directors. Feel free thereafter to alter their biographies. I note this particularly for the latter Director whom I suspect may already be an unnamed MP in the Whitlamite House of Representatives. ;-)