Vexillium, open your eyes to a new age of cooperative development!

With a bold mission in mind, the Vexillium Bank will stride forth into the world aiming to bring development aid where their is none, bringing to the people the fruits of their labours, not those of tyranny, poverty and instability.

Make no mistake, the poverty stricken of Vexillium need the help of the developed world, and through their poverty, they are oppressed in a way that no democratic campaigning or ideals can reverse - they need the tools to labour from under their oppression.

It is the humble aim of the Vexillium Bank to facilitate this, to draw from the first world the expertise, the finances and the tools necessary to help these people help themselves. It is a bold mission, to eradicate poverty in the world, but it is a mission that we, at the Vexillium Bank, do not shy from.

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Vexillium Bank has been formed by Bankers, economists, politicians and religious groups from various parts of the globe to establish the necessary infrastructure to aid the world in its economic stability. The mission of the Bank will be three-fold: Further information is within this web site. Please read, and feel free to email the Bank for further information. At this stage we are seeking recognition and aid from the United Nations of Vexillium, and membership from the various nations of the globe. We do not believe this bank can succeed without support from the whole world.

Help us make this dream a reality: nations of Vexillium, join the Vexillium Bank!