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23 December 302 AP

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Zeitgeist of the year: Pedro Carmonte
Runners up: Roven's President and Finance Minister
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Zeitgeist of the Year

Saint Pedro, martyr? He used a personal opinion in his lectures. Now he is facing ten years imprisonment for his crime of misjudgment. Has the Lendosan Confederation gone too far?

Edition In Zeitgeist Magazine’s News Item of the year, we are aiming to chose the one piece of news that may not have been the most explosive, but the one that best describes the changing times of this world. In previous years, the editorial staff have chosen the collapse of two empires, Guwimithian and Gronkian, the rise of a new generation of democratic leaders, and the emergence of new trends. We have profiled the Burovians, poked fun at the poorest political fashions, all the while trying to retain a sense of perspective about what was the most important news item that would shape the world. Sometimes our choices have been controversial, and this year will prove to be no exception.

Pedro Carmonte is a victim of a cruel misapplication of a law designed to keep religion out of the running of the state. However, that very law is part of a very disturbing trend that otherwise democratic and free nations are embarking upon, one in which religious citizenry are disadvantaged more than those who hold other philosophical beliefs. Registration of religions, banning public or free expression, and university lecturers having to watch their every word for fear that a religiously prejudicial statement might escape, is part of this disturbing trend to box religion as a lesser philosophy, one that should not share the same rights.

Freedom, the ideal that nations over the past decade have emerged and fallen over, is not just summed up in democracy. Many an abhorrent fascist state was elected by the people. Freedom means open and honest government; it means freedom to be and to do; it means equality; it means the rights of men and women to hold opinions that may be out of step with the rest of the world. Equality cannot be restricted to economic or social equalities, it must extend the rights of individuals to the ideas they can hold and can express.

State secularity is indeed a noble ambition: the citizenry should not be forced to believe in one or another god. However, nor should they be forced to not believe, or should their belief illicit additional penalties upon them by the state. This is not secularity, it is religious persecution. However distasteful it may be to the framers of these secularity laws, the religious in their midst should be free to espouse until blue in the face the benefits of their religion, even as the communist is free to express the virtues of his.

Zeitgeist Magazine humbly proposes that this is an emerging trend in our world. In this special, end of year edition of the magazine, we examine the man who symbolizes this trend.

Special bonus

You will need a PDF reader for this document As a special bonus, for the first time, Zeitgeist is offering a printer-friendly version of this article as exactly as it is published in the magazine. We understand that this article is long, and believe that taking this special PDF version of the article for printing may be more useful for our internet readers than reading numerous internet pages.

  • Carmonte’s lines of appeal
  • The History of the insecularity law
  • Lendosan religion
  • Who is Senator da Tenio?
  • Utanian politicians and the insecularity law, what do they think?
  • Interview with Pedro Carmonte

Zeitgeist Magazine welcomes emails and letters to the editor, and appreciate that this edition may illicit strong opinions, we have made available several pages in our next edition for letters on this topic. Please, citizens of the Vexillium, esteemed readers, feel free to email us at the following email address with your comments and replies.
You will need a PDF reader for this document Printer-friendly version of this story.

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