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The Nation Votes; Polls now close

Saturday, July 7, 301 AP
Web posted at 1801 UST.

UTAN KRYSAROR, Utania (ZGN) -- The Utanian interim election is now over, with polls closing on the country's 26+ million voters who went to the polls for the second time in ten months.

The Utanian Electoral Commission (UEC) is running the second election in ten months after Parliament decided to hold a fresh election based on revised electorates Utanians arrive to vote in this year's election
that add 17 new MPs to the Parliament. Polls have now closed.

Polling booths opened at 0900 UST this morning in Utania, and opened at 0900 local time in Utanian embassies around the world.

Eric Barth's government won the previous election by a margin of a single MP, and lost the popular vote. The thought of a minority government or an inconclusive result at that time caused the UNVCOCN mission in Utania to speculate that a military coup by either General Arjaat or then-President Hope was "likely".

Prime Minister Barth's government was made up of the Peoples, Utani Saedaj and Republican Parties, plus the single Democratic Socialist candidate from Luka. Holding only one MP more than the 50% margin, the government sought and gained support from the Burovians. This year the Burovians have claimed that "all assumptions are off" and will renegotiate their support.

Pollsters conclude that the result will, once again, be close, but believe the swing in support to the government will be between 1% and 4%, strengthening their position. However, the Utanian Press Agency reported earlier today that Professor Kapur believes that the government is set to hang on by a very slim margin.
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