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Cryer fulfills his promise

Wednesday, July 18, 301 AP
Web posted at 1330 UST.

He promised he would do it, and he has: Governor Edward Cryer has effectively delivered all three additional seats in Nystonia state to his Cruistian-Democratic Party, and strengthened his party's representation in federal politics to ten MPs.

Three Parliamentary seats were added to the state of Nystonia after the 301 census, and Nystonian Governor Edward Cryer promised to win all three of them for his Cruistian Democratic Party. The four-seat Vela Luka electorate transformed into two electorates of three MPs each -- Dyson and Vela Luka. The Cruistian Democratic Party (CDP) won three of the seats between those electorates, while last year it won only one seat in Vela Luka. This meant that they had effective gained both of the two new seats in that electorate. Utan Nystos gained one seat, and while it was won by the Democratic Party, the CDP took one seat from the Utani Progressive Party (UPP) in Letherington, effectively gaining an additional seat.

The party won 20% of the state vote, but won 38% of the MPs sent to the national Parliament. In contrast, the Democratic Party won 10.8% of the state-wide vote but has only one MP from Nystonia state.

Governor Cryer said he had assurances from the federal CDP leadership that the party would "do all it could" to support the CDP-LNP state government, particularly protecting against the Peoples Party's attempts to revoke the Death Penalty.

The CDP are in danger of being a Nystonia-only party, where it won nine of its ten seats.
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