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Hero to Chiquiti tossed from office!

Wednesday, July 19, 301 AP
Web posted at 0900 UST.

The federal MP that lead the charge to solve the health problems of the Chiquiti has lost his seat in Nystonia, and Utania is the worse for it.

John Kopeya MP is no longer a representative for the electorate of Letherington, his seat taken by a second Cruistian Democrat when the party surged in popularity. Last year, the CDP won 16% of the vote and Mr Kopeya's Utani Progressive Party won 9.3% of the popular electorate-wide vote. This gave Mr Kopeya a seat in federal Parliament, making him available for President Okarvit's a-political selection as the Mission Director for the Chiquiti Crisis that was looming in January this year.

However, a surge to the Cruistian-Democrats in Letherington saw them win over 20% of the electoral vote, while Mr Kopeya's party won only 9.0% of the vote. Under the Utanian electoral system, the Cruistian-Democrats are allocated a second seat in Parliament for that seat before Mr Kopeya wins back his seat, having won more than twice the number of votes than Mr Kopeya.

However, this is a moot point: the Democrats won 10% of the vote, and would have been next in line to win a seat for the Letherington electorate.

Popular MP

Mr Kopeya was certainly a popular MP in the capital. Astute, intelligent but with "feet of clay" as one MP put it.

"He had the people's touch", said one Utani MP. "He had a unique way with people, from executives at the top of Belson to the lowliest timber industry worker. He was a real people person, and a tremendous loss to the people of Letherington in my opinion."

Mr Kopeya was an obvious choice for Mission Director for the Chiquiti Crisis: the President needed someone a-political -- someone who wouldn't criticise the government, nor be open to criticism of being a political stooge -- and experienced in managing such large efforts. Kopeya, the former Managing Director of Forestry and Paper Products for the Savaj Netopik corporation, an ethnic Utani, and an MP from a non-government, but also non-opposition, party, was then the obvious choice.

In the role, he excelled, with all parties congratulating him for his humane and talented approach to the enormous task of rebuilding the lives of Chiquiti immigrants from increasingly strife-torn South Bay.

What scuttled Mr Kopeya's Utani Progressive Party in Letherington was ultimately the President's decision to end a hundred-plus years of commercial logging in the Ujam-Yoamith jungle, which occupied a third of the electorate and employed thousands of poor Utani workers. The popular and populist Cruistian-Democrats, who govern the state, opposed the logging ban, and were out in force amongst Utani voters.

Mr Kopeya's loss of a Parliamentary seat leaves him outside the political process and denies the people access to one of the better MPs in Utania.

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