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Conservative-CDP finalise their candidate list

Friday, June 28, 302 AP
Web posted at 1518 UST.

The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat coalition has finalised its list of candidates, six people who will contest the race for the coalition's Presidential nomination.

The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat coalition will make their nomination for the Presidency at their September conference, but it is allowing the 25 individual coalition branches to make their own decisions in the months leading up to the conference. Each Branch will have a weighted vote at the conference, determined by the aggregate Conservative and Cruisian-Democrat votes in that electorate at the last general election.

This means that the nomination (or pre-selection) race will be fought all over the country, particularly in the electorates of Dansvelt, Utan Krysaror and Hamilton which collectively represent 104 of the 465 branch votes available.

Federal opposition leader, Thomas Kemp, is the premier Conservative candidate, who represents the party's "Durningist" wing. Kemp has been a long serving member of the Lasanne party, serving as party leader for nine years from the late eighties, but not as Governor. He has been a vocal opponent of the President, advocates reduced taxes, reduce debt, and provide an adequate, but not "laziness-inducing" social safety net.

His main rival for the nomination is the controversial Governor Edward Cryer of Nystonia state, representing the Cruisian-Democrats. Cryer runs Nystonia state as a paternalist, protecting the people from criminals, drugs, immoral activities and homosexuals. He is the second-strongest anti-liberal of the group who would, as President, expand his "successful formula for Nystonia state" to the rest of the country. To be fair, his coalition government with the Liberal Nationalists has been spending big on infrastructure projects, and state economic growth is the strongest in the country.

Lasanne's Governor Edward Hope was interim-President in 299 for a few months, until President Okarvits was elected by the Parliament, and is Kemp's Conservative party rival. Hope represents the party's "Asherist" wing, the more fiscal conservative branch, but appears to be strongly overshadowed by Kemp. His rule in Lasanne has seen a period of strong, sustained growth.

Marius Dwyer is a leading Nystonian Conservative, who believes that the Cruisian-Democrat government in Nystonia is proof that Governor Cryer should not be allowed near the Presidency. He is campaigning on a strong anti-Cryer platform, and despite being from Kemp's "Durningist" wing, does not believe Kemp is anti-Cryer enough.

David Atosu is the Conservative Party's Utani representative, from the south of the country, who says that for the party to win the Presidency, it must represent the aspirations of the Utani, and Atosu is doing that. He represents the new breed of Utani conservative, and could be a threat to Kemp in the south.

William Tosu is another Kanharan, a Cruisian-Democrat, who agrees with Dwyer: the CDP in Nystonia does not represent the party's total platform, and he is dedicating his campaign to ensuring that Utani voters understand that Cruisian-Democrat "does not mean Cruisian dictatorship".

The six face-off at the first branch vote in Jostt, in the south of Lasanne state, on July 25th.

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