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Conservative-CDP Candidate profiles

Tuesday, September 4, 302 AP
Web posted at 1608 UST.

The Conservative-Cruisian Democrat joint candidate list has dropped down to just three men: Kemp, Cryer and Hope, with all three of the quitting Utani candidates pledging or at least tacitly supporting Governor Hope. We look a little more closely at the men who aim to face-off against President Okarvits.

There is only two weeks remaining in the nomination races for the Conservative and Cruisian-Democrat parties, with only eleven electorates yet to cast their votes, almost 50% of the EBVs yet to be allocated, and only three candidates still standing. (To see a map of the remaining electorates, click here.

The three remaining candidates represent the three different factions within the coalition of Conservatives and Cruisian-Democrats: Kemp's Old school tie Conservatism, Cryer's anti-crime, "Family values" Cruisian-Democrats, and Hope's progressive, radical-conservative faction. So, it is an ideological battle that is being fought.

Kemp's gamble doesn't pay off

"The only ones who stand to lose under a Cryer Presidency will be criminals, socialists, and the immoral such as drug-users and the sexually immoral." - Gov. Edward Cryer
It is clear that Kemp and Cryer have the most in common, with Kemp's conservatism matching Cryer's "family values" and anti-crime agenda better than Hope's government-as-a-business philosophy. Indeed, it was Kemp that pulled the two parties into federal coalition, while Hope was always more uncomfortable with the CDP as allies. And this could yet be Kemp's undoing.

Should Cryer win the nomination, it is unlikely that he will moderate his rhetoric, which is considered extreme outside Nystonia state, thus damaging the Conservative party's reputation as his own campaign spectacularly fails to unseat President Okarvits. Should this happen, the coalition will probably be doomed, its chief proponent, Kemp, with it.

"All Utanians will benefit from the benefits of a strong economy that I would bring to Utania" - Thomas Kemp
Privately, even Kemp and his allies, consider Cryer's rhetoric untenable, but that within a Kemp campaign, as Vice-Presidential candidate, Cryer could be an invaluable asset, winning votes in Nystonia state. Thus, Kemp has gambled his own future, along with that of the Conservative Party, hoping to draw Cryer into a pre-selection coalition. The plan went awry when Cryer wouldn't hear of it, preferring to run his own nomination campaign.

Conservative factions

Meanwhile, despite winning back Lasanne state for the Conservatives after over ten years in the wilderness, Hope is not wildly popular within the party. For Hope belongs to the Asherist faction, the "radical" conservatives, named after Charles Asher, treacherous finance minister who betrayed his boss, the highly-successful reformer, Governor Charles Durning, when Durning ran up significant (provincial) government debt during an economic downturn.
"I am an Utani" - Gov. Edward Hope

Kemp and his allies like to think that they are the heirs to Durning, and Hope is Asher's disciple. Unfortunately for Hope, while this is not true, it is a slur that invariably works. In truth, Durning was more of a reformer than Kemp and his allies plan to be, while reformer Hope is far more of a populist than Asher ever wanted to be. (Indeed, this "popularism" was what made the Asherist-now-Burovian Max Boornal leave the party.) In truth, Hope is probably more like Durning than Asher, though, this does not stop the two factions in the party being known as Kemp's Durning-ists and Hope's Asherists.

So, with these facts in mind, let's take a closer look at the three men who would dearly love to take their fight right to the door of the Presidential Palace.

Thomas Kemp b.228ap, Hamilton, Lasanne state.
Career as a greengrocer, then economist, before joining the provincial Parliament at age 45 (273ap). Various ministerial positions under Governor Durning, particularly Ports minister, proving very loyal and competent. Served begrudgingly in Asher's Ministry, before avenging his mentor (Durning) by ousting Asher as party leader in 288 before handing it to Hope in 296.
Kemp is an old fashioned conservative: pro-farmer, pro-small government, favouring people helping eachother than the government doing it for them. Opposed to an "unrestrained" welfare state, but has no ideological beef with welfare. Would privatise non-essentials, but exclude hospitals, schools, and essential services from the list.
An unions? Kemp regards them an unnecessary nuisense than public enemy #1. Kemp would be tough on crime, pro-family, pro-small business and somewhat pro-free trade. He would be best described as socially and economically moderate-conservative.
Gov. Edward Cryer b.251ap, Benmore, Nystonia state.
Career as a lawyer, lay preacher, religious rights campaigner during the Guwimithian Empire, he joined the Peoples Party almost as soon as it came into being. Cryer then campaigned for "traditional values", joining the Nystonian Parliament in the early 80s. He became a leader, and lead the split in Nystonia state by the Cruisian-Democrat faction from the Peoples Party, and was, a few years later, elected Governor.
A conservative who believes that eroding morality will erode social cohesion. Strong on law and order, Cryer introduced the Death Penalty, tougher sentencing and introduced tougher censorship and "public lewdity" laws. Otherwise, Cryer is something of an economic moderate, mildly favouring privatisation and a welfare state, he is arguably a social-conservative and economic liberal.
Gov. Edward Hope b.246ap, Luka, Lasanne state.
Career as a corporate manager, young legal and business-qualified Hope became a CEO at only 35, and continued heading companies until called to join Lasanne Parliament at 43 (289ap) by the party he joined as a youth. (Indeed, he lead the Young Conservatives at age 23.) Succeeded Kemp as party leader in '95, Hope lead the Conservatives to electoral success, some say on the back of Max Boornal, in 297. Provisional and caretaker President Jan-Aug 300ap.
Hope is a reformer-Conservative, who believes that government is like a corporation, and should be run to set criteria not too dissimilar. (He differs with the Burovians in that he is an ardent democrat.) He promises to cut into the bloated federal state, privatising hundreds of part-government owned companies, making funds available for social services.
Hope has little in common with Cryer, privately said to despise the man, and could be best described as a social-liberal and economic-conservative. One advantage Hope has over his two rivals: he speaks Utani somewhat fluently, and a far stronger rapport with Utani.
Spectrum assessment -- issues important to conservatives.
means strongly for it.
means mildly against it.
The economy
Govt to Business support
Corporate taxes
Curb Union power?
How quick to leave Dignania?
Social issues
Tougher sentencing
Death Penalty
Strict family definition?
Morality legalised
Legal abortion

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