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CMC releases list of Utanian Top 100 singles, Top 40 CDs

Wednesday, January 8, 302 AP
Web posted at 1512 UST.

The Utanian Composite Music Chart (CMC) organisation have released their results of last year's total music sales, including the top 100 biggest selling singles and the top 40 biggest selling CD albums for the year.

CMC released the lists to the press just as radio stations across the country began to play the Top 100 in declining sequential order. In the same fashion did CMC, facetiously, relay the list to the press before handing it out in its entirity.

Top 100 singles

There was little surprise is that Toxic Gas, who returned to the Utanian music scene with a sterling album, "Toxicity", scored the biggest selling single of the year, "Angels", which sat at the top of the Top 40 in two separate weeks in January.

58 Utanian Dream
Brian Duncan
One can picture Tourism Utania considering this as their new themesong. The current #1 single in Utania, and Duncan's CD, "When I was last here" was the year's #36. While Duncan is no stranger to the charts, it has been some years since he last scored a hit.
43 Criminal
Fiona Elma
The second single from Fiona Elma's "Of the Tides" CD, which reached #3 in November.
41 Bare Skin
Syakira's second single from the year's top album, which reached #2 in May.
40 The Cross (remix)
Parzone/Roger Nelson
Parzone's remix of the Roger Nelson late 80s #1 hit the top 10 in November.
39 The Ladder
Roger Nelson
From the film soundtrack of the same name, Nelson's late 80s #1, this remix hit #1 in December.
29 Ingal-land
The Westrian rap duo hit #1 in June with this lyrical criticism.
26 Toxicity
Toxic Gas
This title-track and second single from their album hit #1 in February.
24 Kahma
1100 Techniques
Utania's own local rappers, score a hit that sat at #2 for two weeks in September, while "Complicated" dominated the charts. Their self-titled album is the year's #24 CD.
19 Dub Remix
South Bay's Scientist sat at #2 for two weeks while "Square Dance" sat at #1 for those same two weeks. The remix was the first release from the GT Alliance production house, based in Liberty.
18 Dancefloor
Sophie Beckham
Christiana's Sophie Beckham was #1 in May, and the single sold over a quarter- million copies.
17 Tha Crossroads
Rapid-Fire Lyrical Masters
Utania's own scored big in May with a remake of the Westrian song that sat at #1 for two weeks. RFLM's album "E.302" is the country's #21 CD.
16 Slip Away
Davie Jones
Utanian Davie Jones'second single from his double-platinum "Unbeliever" CD, reached #2 in July.
15 Square Dance
Square dancing to the beat of the world's leaders, this song was #1 in October.
14 Another Day
Westrian Maddix enjoyed a #1 hit in December.
13 Everyone says 'Hi'
Davie Jones
Jones' third single was his second #1 off the album "Unbeliever".
12 Love at first sight
Tiny Gue
Christiana's Tiny Gue hit #1 in June with this, from her CD "Illness", and it was the year's longest running Top 10 single, sitting in there for almost three months.
11 Precious Angel
Dylan Roberts
Utanian Dylan Roberts hit #1 in October, while his CD, "Slowly approaching Train" was the 19th biggest selling CD of the year.
10 That particular time
Elana Morris
The Davenportian releases her third album in Utania, and though slow moving, it ended the year as the country's 12th biggest seller. The first single and title-track from that album sat at #1 for three weeks, but only reached #22 at the end of the year.
9 In the moment
No.1 for two weeks in November, and the biggest hit the Westrian duo enjoyed.
8 Lonely Girl
Westrian Pink's single sold over 350,000 copies, but never hit the top of the charts, instead reaching #2 in February, stopped by Syakira's "Whenever".
7 Infatuation
The first-person tale of a young woman becoming a single mother hit #1 for two weeks in October-November for the Utanian singer off her debut album "Naked" in spite of the controversy.
6 Whenever
The first single from her "Dy cleaning" album hit #1 and stayed there for two weeks in February.
5 Slow Burn
Davie Jones
The first single off his "Unbeliever" CD, and the biggest seller. It sat at #1 for two weeks in July.
4 Remember the days
Nalia Fumoai
Lendosan Fumoai's final single from her 301ap CD sat at #1 for two weeks in January.
3 Sullen Girl / Never is a promise
Fiona Elma
This second single from her "Of the Tides" album was originally released with "Sullen" as a B-side, it received more airplay than the A-side, and the record company re-released the single as a double-A side. It hit #1 in November and stayed there for three weeks into December. Utanian Elma had been a veteran of the Luka music scene for several years before cracking the big time with one of only three double-platinum singles this year.
2 Complicated
Avril Lavigne
Westrian Lavigne hit the #1 with this single in September, and it stayed there for three weeks, selling half-a-million copies and scoring double-platinum status.
1 Angels
Toxic Gas
The Utanian veterans of rock hit big with this single, the biggest selling in Utania for the year, their upteenth number one. Off the #1 album "Toxicity", it marked a return in fine form for the group, after twenty years in the business.

Album Top 40

However, Toxic Gas'es album was only #3 CD for the year, beaten by newcomer Syakira, whose Westrian-produced, Ingallish-language debut took Utania, indeed the world, by storm, and ended the year as the #1 Utanian album. Syakira, who has been singing and performing quite successfully in Gvonj City, Rovens, for years, decided to produce an album in Ingallish and turned to Westrian producers. Her album scored a #1 single, "Whenever", and two further Top 10 hits in Utania, while the album itself spent at least three weeks at #1.

GT Alliance
The South Bay-based studio is producing dance mix albums that are popular in their home town of Liberty City, and this has proven very successful in Utania, selling over 225,000 copies, which is quad-Gold status.
10 Dancehall red
The soundtrack album for the 301ap film was the tenth biggest seller for this year, after heavy sales in the early part of the year.
9 Eh, Nalia
Nalia Fumoai
The Lendosan singer's 301ap album continued strong sales into this year, enough to make it the 9th biggest selling CD, with almost 300,000 copies sold.
8 Misunderstood
Westrian artist Pink's second CD of mature and well-developed catchy tunes sold over 300,000 copies in Utania.
7 Of the Tides
Fiona Elma
Fiona Elma, who leapt into the big-time with a #1 album, and the third-biggest single of the year, from comparative obscurity singing in coffee houses of Luka's trendiest street, has the country's 7th biggest seller of 302. A new CD is said to be imminent.
6 "M" Theatre
The Westrian rap duo's album resulted in two Utanian #1's and four top 10 singles, not to mention over 400,000 copies sold. With another extremely popular CD just released, the pair are the biggest selling foreign act in Utania.
5 Illness
Tiny Gue
Christianan Dance artist, Tiny Gue, scored three top 10 hits from this album, including the #1 single that is #12 for the year. This album, at 430,000 copies, is also the biggest selling international album in Utania.
4 Naked
Though only released in the last few months, this album from Utanian Agular has already got three top 10 singles, including the #7 single for the year, the controversial "Infatuation".
3 Toxicity
Toxic Gas
After some time without a major hit, Utania's longest running heavy rockers released the country's biggest single for the year, "Angels", and then this album, and it sold furiously. Only two other singles were released off it, the #1 title-track, and "Bounce" which only just reached the top 10. The CD sold half-a-million copies.
2 Unbeliever
Davie Jones
Another Utanian artist who made a sudden and fantastic comeback, Jones' June-released album scored two No.1's in the middle of the year, and a #2 single. Jones is a veteran of the Utanian music scene whose career now spans five decades.
1 Dry Cleaning
She was an Utani singer from Gvonj who sold well in her homeland, and decided to try an album in Ingallish. Her first single encouragingly streked to #1 "with a bullet", and two further Top 10 singles ensured sales of the album would be brisk. Over half-a-million copies were sold, making it one of the biggest selling Utanian albums ever and cementing the career of the former Rovenian.

CMC report also that the biggest selling artist for the year was Davie Jones, whose extensive back-catalogue continues to sell reasonably well and further boost his sales. Westrians M'n'M come second based on having released two strong albums this year, with Toxic Gas, Syakira then Agular in third to fifth places.

CMC notes with interest that Utanian artists' albums are the top 4 selling of the year, and that Utanians make up four of the best five selling artists in Utania.

Illegal CDs cost Utanian artists

However, critics have pointed out that there is also no depth to this nationalism, as only half the Top 10 artists are Utanian, and only 8 of the Top 20 albums are Utanian, two of them soundtracks.

"CMC can parade the amazing success, this year, of Utanian artists," says music columist Roger Frey of the Luka Herald, "but the fact is that this success is really concentrated in four artists, two of whom have been around for decades.

"Until Utania's top 40 is bristling with new talent, I think it is a little premature to declare a renewed Utanian musical patriotism."

Frey points out that the illegal publishing of foreign albums invariably makes them substantially cheaper to buy, thus disadvantaging local artists.

"The locals cannot sell their music at Û10 a CD and still make a living," Frey points out, "so, their CDs are more expensive, and sell fewer.

"The only solution for Utanian music is to introduce a ban on illegal foreign copies." This is something foreign music publishers, and their local import agencies, will be only too happy to hear, as almost two-thirds of all CDs sold in Utania are illegal copies of foreign CDs.

Only one Presidential candidate, Governor Hope, has stated his support for a stronger ban on illegal copies, despite the possible cost to consumers.

By virtue of a tacit agreement between the illegal copiers and the three Utanian music companies, Utanian artist's albums are not to be copied.

Legal CD sales in Utania increased by 29% to almost 14.5 million album-equivalent CDs.

<tech> Yeah, sorry, but in a fashion lacking imagination, I have simply embellished on the list of music I listened to during the year, changed all the artist and song names and allocated them to countries of origin according to the formula that Bowdani is Australia, Westria the US, Christiana is the UK and Davenport, Canada. Please don't be offended by the unusual allocations, as they're not meant to be saying anything about your nation (nor do they say anything if your country is NOT listed, for I think only longer-term stable countries will have a strong enough music export industry, and, hey, it's all dominated by the US and Europe anyways) -- but do feel free to ask me to change them if they do. ;-)
Oh, PS; If anyone can successfully decode the entire top 20, then they win the kewpie doll! ;-) </tech>
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