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Utani Nationalists denounce election result

Sunday, February 16, 302 AP
Web posted at 1618 UST.

President Okarvits conceded last night that he would no longer be President, and Utani nationalists are denouncing the election, some even baying for blood -- Uta-Decashi blood.

The election of an Uta-Decashi President has many Utani nationalists fuming. They have denounced the election as anything from "fraudulent" to "a cleverly connived coup".

"President Okarvits was cheated," says Topae Uramu, an Utani nationalist from Kanhara, "and the Utani people have been cheated.

"We trusted the Esreni's [foreigners] institutions, we trusted their belief in this 'electoral process', only to find our trust abused and out country being stolen from us again!"

Country stolen again

At the centre of their allegations, Utani nationalists argue that their own country has been usurped from them and that they are now no better off than they were under the Guwimithians.

We call on the Zartanians to liberate us once again!
"At least under Okarvits we were ruled by Utani even if the Uta-Decashi still did control the wealth," declares one Utani man. "At least there was hope for change. At least we had our own man in the capital, fighting for our rights."

Others accuse the "powers that be" of usurping democracy.

"One power takes control of us, we are liberated by the Zartanians and Whitlams before the esreni take over again!" one Utani man tells us.

"We call on the Zartanians to liberate us once again!" interjects another.

Utani resentment to Governor Hope's victory should perhaps not be under-estimated. President Okarvits was quick to sense this by formally endorsing his rival in his concession speech. He commended the Governor, and trusted that he would govern the country "for all Utanians".

Arguably, the President has long sensed the unease Utani have with sharing their country with people many consider foreigners, or even remnants of the invaders. There have been numerous calls from more extreme Utani nationalists over the years for Utani to forceably evict the "foreigners".

Never divided, never surrendered

Utania before unification. Why eviction? Partitioning the country has been suggested before under a proposal from the UNVCOCN "Point South" administration. The Point South territory would be divided into Luka territory for the millions of foreigners that had emigrated to the region at Guwimith's invitation, and the southern Horn of Olives. for the millions of original inhabitants.

Noting there would be millions of their compatriots in the north still, Utani quickly insisted that they should be divided no more, and rejected the suggestion. Union was quickly sought, provided the new state would be in the liberal-democratic tradition.

Governor Okarvits of the Horn of Olives agreed.

However, the real reasoning was that the entire land belonged to them, reasoned Utani, gifted by Cruis to the nine sons of Pethonis. Any suggestion that foreigners would be gifted some of this land, a coastal strip for example, was impossible to conceive.

(In fact, UNVCOCN officials quickly grasped that were they to divide the country in two, there would have undoubtedly been a war seeking union at some later stage.)

Therefore, reason Utani nationalists, if the foreigners don't want to live under Utani rule, they should simply be evicted.

The President has always been quick to denounce such calls, declaring the country "united" as Utani and Uta-Decashi, and getting Utani to accept that "Uta-Decashi" was not a derogatory term, but one symbolising the unity of "one country, two peoples", has been achievement enough.

Now, he will be called upon to continue his unifying role, as the country's first ex-President.

Testing the new leadership

However, Governor Hope is not entirely ignorant of the grumblings around the country. He insisted on having James Angorit next to him on the podium at victory time rather than his own wife. There is no denying that Angorit is Utani, and the sight of a prominent Utani next to the President should have eased some minds about the foreign take over of an Utani country.

However, the real test of the new President's mettle will be his leadership. If he produces the jobs he promises, and if he makes real progress toward greater economic equality, such cries against Uta-Decashi will become less and less influential.

And that's just what the country needs.

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