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The Story behind the
First web edition
[August 28th]
The unknown economy

Election 300
[July 3rd]
Introduction: Election 300
Savaj give away their votes
[July 10th]
Angorit meets with Areopatré
Electorate profile: Navoomi
[August 7th]
Hope faces the skeptical
New poll signals LNP rise
[August 21st]
The Military: Utania's latest political tool
[August 28th]
Poll: Alternative conservatives surge
Interview: The complete Burovian philosophy
Boornal blasts Pres. Hope
[September 4th]
Poll: Hope's Conservatives on the ropes
Burovians differentiate
[September 11th]
The Seven in the Middle
A Peoples Party government anyone? Boornal joins the Burovians!
[September 18th]
Democrat-lead coalition squeaks ahead
[September 25th]
Has Utanian Democracy failed?!
Editorial: The UNV's lack of faith!
The Uncertainty Principle (poll)
[October 9th]
Election 300 results
The Wisdom of Solomon

[June 5th]
So what, the President likes golf?

International [August 7th]
I'ana archipelago quandary

[July 10th]
Football: Luka v Utan Krysaror, could violence break out?
[August 7th]
Utania's Golfing Revolution!

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How many times have your read a news bulletin and wondered "what is the real story behind this?" Or wondered who the players were, or the hidden agendas?

That's what Zeitgeist Magazine is all about: providing the in-depth analysis of the stories that make the news - the people, the circumstances, the motivations. All in an easy to read, pictorial magazine.

The Utanian people have a long and proud history, and the cultural and political landscape make for some difficult reading. Zeitgeist Magazine employs the best of the best journalists who are Utanian or have years of experience reporting on Utanian news. We have the best political analysts, and investigative journalists. If there is a story to tell, we'll be there researching the truth!   Farming, Savaj-style at about 8000 ft
And now, we have a web edition, so you can get the story on-line as quickly as a few mouse-clicks. The menu system is designed to be easy to read, and simple to navigate. And we even have on-line polls to ask you the most pertinent questions about the event and our own reporting of it.

We are committed to impartiality, and take no sides. If there is inconsistancies in any party's viewpoint, we'll report it. Impartiality. Commitment to the truth. Seeking the story behind the news. That's Zeitgeist Magazine.


Zeitgeist Magazine was started by famed political and economic journalist Miguel Van der Ham in '91. Van der Ham had been chief correspondant for the Luka Herald in Guwimith City, and then became Political Editor for the Luka Times, and then Editor in chief for the ill-fated newspaper. In '87, the newspaper was shut down by the Guwimith Security Office, and Van der Ham spent two years in prison for "Treasonous publication", that is, publishing a critique of the Tsar's internal policy specifically regarding Dependency economics.

Zeitgeist Magazine was started nineteen months after he was released from prison, from his own funds and those of silent-partners. Within five years, the magazine had a 70,000 circulation, and doubled that by '98.

The magazine now has a readership of over 450,000 and publishes weekly, selling for Û10.00. And that readership keeps growing: Van der Ham, still the Chief Publisher of the magazine, projects a readership in excess of 600,000 by the year's end, particularly with international sales growth - Guwimith, South Bay, Gvonj and other nations.

Miguel Van Der Ham
David Wembley
Editor in Chief:
Marius Allende
Shareholders (300ap):
  Van Der Ham 94%
  Employees 6%
Quick Facts (all for 300ap):
Turnover:  Û410.2M
Annual Profit:  Û 44.6M
NB; ChC1.00 = Û3.00

Zeitgeist Online! and Zeitgeist News

This enormous growth then lead to the formation of the web division of the company. Zeitgeist CEO, David Wembley, says the magazine's web division will propel the magazine into the 4th century, where newspapers and magazines that are not on-line will not be around. "We will ensure the success of the magazine by having this on-line division."

The company is also making the most major and fundemental change to its structure in ten years: a partial buy-out by Savaj Netopik to fuel the fires of the new Zeitgeist Corporation's cable and satellite television venture, Zeitgeist News. The new company will be worth Û850M, and will partially float 250 million of the total 850 million shares. After this, and the buy-out, the company will have in excess of Û250 million for Zeitgeist News.

The success story that is Zeitgeist magazine is testament to the steady and sure values of their founder, Miguel Van der Ham: Integrity, Truthfulness and Boldness.

We hope you will enjoy reading this magazine, but we also hope your eyes will be opened in reading "the Story behind the News".