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November 5, 300 AP

Utania came under fire from the Auroro United President late last week who claimed that the multinational had "no interest" in invested in Utania, citing the lack of confidentiality applied to the failed negotiations by the Utanian President, George Okarvits. In a supposedly unrelated move, Auroro Airlines stopped flying to Utan Krysaror, citing a failing currency, poor hotels and tourist services. Utania's Director of Business, Trade and Economic Matters, Arthur Reagan, responded angrily on Monday, denying accusations the Utanian currency was failing. He said there was a very high level of consumer confidence for the Pund (Û), and that it was considered "extremely undervalued" by international currency traders at 0.33 Christianan Crowns. President Okarvits, meanwhile, refused to apologise for the revelation of formerly confidential details of Auroro's attempt to buy Utania's national airline Aij Utani, despite criticism from his predecessor, Governor Hope.

Plans for a national produce board and the liberalisation of the produce market came under fire this week from Agricultural Economist, Professor David Kopoya, a part-employee of agricultural giant Belson Corporation. Prof. Kopoya said such liberalisation would "significantly" raise food prices. Some panic buying was experienced, but it was not too widespread.

Governor Hope is looking to face off with unionists this week when he introduces new reforms aimed at "greater competitiveness" in the wealthiest Utanian state, Lasanne. The reforms will "creak open the door of progress" to Lasanne, making the labour market more flexible. Critics claim he is attempting to "open the door to thousands of retrenchments".

President Okarvits this week pushed a bill through Parliament to give autonomy to the forcefully occupied I'ana Archipelago, on Friday. The Parliament voted 97-41 in favour, with two opposition parties and the Liberal Nationalists opposing the strength of the autonomy and the lack of greater military presence on the islands. The autonomy agreement prevents the islands from being commercially mined, which was vehemently opposed by international environmentalist group Peacegreen.

Utanian diplomats formed the Office for the International Weapons Limitation Treaty, this week, after the Christianan Crown deferred the administration of the treaty to Utania. The Treaty has only two signatories to date, Christiana and Feniz, but more are expected. The treaty only requires signatories to disclose weapons sales and the upper limit of the size of their military.

Utania has not signed the Weapons Limitation Treaty, and, according to Conservative Governor and previous President Edward Hope, nor should it. "The Utanian Military is in a state of great flux right now, and it would be foolish to specify an upper limit to its size when the defense needs of the country have not been finalised." President Okarvits stated on Friday that he intended for Utania to sign the treaty "soon", and to also apply for membership in the Alliance of Neutral Nations of Vexillium, the ANNV. The parliamentary opposition also strongly opposes ANNV membership for Utania.

The Utanian Census and the Economic Census are two projects described as "grossly" behind schedule by the opposition this week. The UNV-assisted projects are designed to provide the Utanian government with the necessary statistics as to accurately make policy decisions for the country, such as taxation. President Okarvits said the people in their respective government departments were "working as fast as possible", but that it may be several more weeks before either is produced. The Census was meant to be taken in September, while the Economic Census was due November 1st.

Sole owner of the utilities and manufacturing giant Savaj Netopik, and Utani Progressive Party creator, James Angorit, says he intends to issue shares for a limited portion of the company "in the next year". Savaj Netopik has revenues in excess of Û1.3bn, yet makes small profits because the company invests most profits in the employees and the Savaj communities his factories are based in. His is renowned as a very generous philanthropist and considerate boss to over 40,000 employees. He intends to use the funds to expand the company.

The Utanian Reserve Bank will soon no longer have the daily support from UNV coffers, and will need to provide its own support for a stable relationship with other international currencies. The UNV agreement expires at the end of November, after yet another month's extension. Reserve Bank officials are confident they can continue to manage the 3:1 relationship to the Christiana Crown.

Nerves were frayed and some were angry at a political discussion conference in Surina late this week. Experts, diplomats and others attended the discussion about a fictional political race (on a fictional planet known as "earth" - whatever will they think of next?). While it began peaceably enough, strongly worded accusations about the best political system lead to angry and disbelieving responses. While calm was called for repeatedly, organisers in Surina have stated they regret raising the issue.

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