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November 12, 300 AP

President Okarvits is proposing to a Parliamentary committee the merging of the current three telecom companies, and of the three postal companies. The two new government companies would remain in government hands "for at least five years", while they establish "the much needed infrastructure for the country".

Thousands of unionist protestors took to the streets this week in Luka against Governor Hope's new proposed labour laws. The former President told them they could keep marching "until the cows come home", he wasn't moved.

Cruistian-Democrat Governor of Nystonia, Edward Cryer, this week put forward legislation that would see the death penalty enshrined in state law. Though legal in Nystonia, it was only permitted to be carried out by agents of the Guwimithian Tsar. Under the new law Utanians would have that right, too.

Governor Cryer also suggested that he too would run for President next year, under the proposed Con-CDP joint candidacy. The two parties are exploring the possibility of a joint candidate to be presented to the people after a joint conference in August-September next year.

Strained relations between the Utani-Saedaj Party's less progressive MP's and the right wing faction of the Peoples Party is said to be causing the known silence between the MP's. Media speculation is rife about a split in the government ranks over the country's future direction, with some USP MP's siding with anti-development Yannist MP's in USP caucus meetings.

Embarrassed bureaucrats last week explained to Parliament why the census has taken so long to implement. They claim the computer systems they are implementing are taking longer than expected. Parliament have called on Utanian Thinking Machines (UTM) executives to explain.

President Okarvits was embarrassed during the week by firstly welcoming the election of a new President Bush of the USA, then finding that the election was more knife-edge than that. His real embarrassment came when officials informed him the country was a fictional nation of a fictional planet of "earth", that featured at last week's Surina conference. An over-imaginative staff worker has been reprimanded.

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