Zeitgeist Magazine's Politics This Week
November 19, 300 AP

In a surprise move, the Lendosan Confederation and the Communist Federation of Achenar both signed the Vexillium Weapons Limitation Treaty (WLT). They join Christiana and Feniz as nations prepared to fully and openly declare their weapons capability and number. President Okarvits was delighted with the news, but still no news on Utania's signing the treaty.

Utanian Thinking Machines executives haughtily denounced the government bureaucracy as the reason behind delays in implementing the Census Information System, but, Parliament was unimpressed.

With Unionist protests in Lasanne entered their second week, Governor Hope came under fire from his Democrat Party allies for taking an intractable position.

As thoughts of a Presidential election appear to be on the minds of the opposition Conservative and Cruistian-Democrat leaders, another has added his name to the list of possible contenders for the 301 Con-CDP preselection race, which unofficially include Governors Hope and Cryer of Lasanne and Nystonia respectively. Gordon Kennett, a loyal lieutenant to Prime Minister Kemp, suggested to media, when asked, that he would "most certainly consider" nomination.

Zeitgeist Magazine is stepping closer to a television presence in Utania, with the commencement of production for a TV special on the revolutionary Provincial Governor of Guwimith Wide Shore during the 270's, Charles Durning. Durning, a popular reformer who revolutionised the province, turning it into an economic powerhouse, is known to be Lasanne's Governor Hope's inspiration.

Should the Death Penalty be reintroduced to Utania? Protests for and against have burst forth in Nystonia state where Governor Cryer put forward legislation to legalise the penalty. Ten thousand protestors marched on Wednesday through Vela Luka, the state capital. Though staying out of the debate so far, President Okarvits remarked that he may put a federal ban on the penalty.

Three men and one woman were arrested this week by federal police in connection to electoral fraud in the electorate of Agraam. The four announced to the nation that the Liberal Nationalist Party had won a seat there, when in fact the Peoples and Progressive Party's had clearly won. The four are thought to have LNP affiliation and will be charged under the Electoral Crimes Act, 300, the first to be so charged, testing the law's strength. Similar circumstances in Hajavond have yielded no electoral fraud.

Max Boornal, leader of Utania's Burovian party, took over President Okarvit's Ministry of Banking and Finance, and the junior cabinet position of Deputy Treasurer. There was an immediate burst of activity, as Boornal proceeded to employ several dozen economists and former and present bankers in his ministry as advisors and economists.

Economists, financiers and bankers expressed their doubts about the sustainability of the stated exchange rate of 3:1 to the Christiana Crown, with many predicting that the upward pressure may, in time, prove too great, and Utanian exports will suffer.

In a shock move, President Okarvits made no further public announcements about fictional nations.

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