Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
November 26, 300 AP

Liberal Nationalist Party leader, Kyle Langley, this week addressed auto workers in the Savant Motors factory in the city of Shecker. Langley revealed that the LNP would raise duties on imports, restrict foreign capital and other "foreign economic invasions", and the state would play a very active role in promoting and supporting Utanian businesses.

The Utanian national census is finally underway. Thousands of questionnaire deliverers were brought to training sessions to teach them how to ask the more than 200 questions of all Utanian residents. The plan is for the final census documents to be printed in the next week or two, and for the census to commence after that.

The good news on the census was not before Utanian Thinking Machines, providers of computer technology and software to the census bureau, suffered a devastating blow to their share price after the federal government authorised legal action against the company for "excessive delays" in implementing the census. The opposition parties, and Utani Progressive Party are against the move.

Governor Hope of Lasanne was this week forced to compromise with the thousands of workers protesting against sweeping reforms to the state's Labour Laws. His own ally in the state Parliament, the Democrats, began talks with the Unions, defying the Governor, and forcing him to participate in and accept the outcome of the negotiations. It ends sixteen days of protests in the city.

Diplomats have been sighted within the Presidential Complex, a semi-walled suburb in Utan Krysaror housing the Utanian government, carrying files marked with the flag or name of Armatirion. There appears to be more than ambassorial exchange on their minds and agendas, though no official comment has yet been made.

The VINO news agency is reporting that nearly thirty internal reports from the Empire of Albion-Merite have revealed a concerted government attempt to implement ethnic Albionish superiority in the Empire. President Okarvits said that Utania "condemned the attempted racial segregation" in the Albion-Merite empire. He added that he 'understood but fully condemned' the desire by formerly oppressed peoples to exact revenge upon their former masters, referring, in part, to efforts by Utanians toward former Guwimithian lords.

Apparently religiously-motivated violence has broken out in the normally peaceful archipelago Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites, with Mounist fanatics destroying a Thorian temple. While warnings have been issued by the Utanian Embassy to all citizens, the Minister for Diplomatic Affairs, Robert Talin, scoffed at suggestions Utania should withdraw her ambassador, as the Kingdom had done (albeit temporarily) after the Luka/UNVCOCN riots.

Fighting in Dignania is intensifying as allied forces continue to press forward toward the communist south's capital, Montpelier, while three Zartanian warships in the Ahmaden bay area were also damaged clearing sea mines from the bay. MP's opposed to the presence of Utanian peacekeepers in Dignania cite the possibility of casualties, as yet another 1600 troops set sail from Luka this week bound for the war-torn nation, bringing the total to 2400.

Anti-Death Penalty protesters traded abuse with death-penalty supporters in tense confrontations in the city of Vela Luka this week, as the competing protests met in the city. Hundreds of police were on-hand to keep the protests apart, but violence has broken out on several occasions, with dozens hurt. Governor Cryer, meanwhile, will introduce the bill, effectively legalising the death Penalty in Nystonia state, to the Parliament next week, where the debate will thereafter focus.

Parliament is looking to purchase a small number of commercial jets for use by government staff on overseas diplomatic journeys, particularly for President Okarvits who would be currently required to either charter a commercial flight, or use one of the Air Force's troop carrying jets.

For the third week in a row, Utanian music group "Jomara" have held the top spot on the popular music top 40 with their single "Kopuya jomay eya" (lit. "Youth of Spirit"). The spiritual song uses modern dance rhythms appealing to east coast young listeners, and has sold in excess of 200,000 copies to date.

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