Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
December 3, 300 AP

Utanian leaders were outraged and stunned that their second-closest neighbour has legislating to effectively ban religion. The law seriously curtails religious expression, discussion and states that ceremonies must be "approved in advance". Though many leaders in Utania, and worldwide, have condemned the new law, official word from the Government has not been forthcoming, and President Okarvits has been unavailable due to domestic crises.

President Okarvits cancelled his attendance at the Utani leaders' meeting on Friday after a mine explosion on the Thursday night and events in Dignania forced the President to attend to these matters.

General Gordain, commander of Utanian troops in Dignania arrived by Air force plane in Utan Krysaror to speak with President Okarvits, amid a press frenzy. The General apparently requested several thousand more troops be sent with aid to Dignania and the President has apparently agreed. He will address Parliament on Monday.

A coal gas explosion outside the northern city of Hamilton caused momentary unity between the Conservative Governor there and the Peoples Party President, who faced off in a hard-fought election in September. The mine explosion is said to have trapped two or three dozen miners below, and killed at least nine. The unity was short-lived when the President remarked off-camera that the Governor had failed to provide sufficient safety legislation for Utanian workers.

President Okarvits authorised the formation of the Presidential Tokapé, an elite combined force of military personnel with high levels of training, to be used for anti-terrorist and anti-insurgency actions. The Tokapé was the name of the Savaj Emperor's personal elite guard, swordsmen of the highest skill and honour. The force will number up to 900 soldiers plus support crews.

Further military matters, no decision has yet been made regarding the "Firecat" jet fighter project, which pacifists want to see closed down, while the Utanian military wants to see further development and production of the highly successful "Firecat" fighter jets, of which Utania only has seventeen.

President Okarvits signalled a desire to implement a "national education board" to oversee the educational standards and practises in Utania. It was roundly condemned by state education ministers, but teacher unions remain open to the concept.

The Zartanian Empire came under fire briefly from Estontetso and Bowdani for its fight against the aggressive "Tigers" rebel militia in the Kunn Federon. It was when the Lendosan Confederation made a stand with the ethnic-Zartanian protectorate, that the two backed the Federon with its fight.

Religious violence continues to plague the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites, though signs of it abating are clear, in which the weather seems to have played a hand. (Divine intervention?)

The island nation of Couatl gained independence this week. The theocracy is ruled by high priests of a native polytheist religion worshiping the sun, moon and stars. The people, however, appear to have an ethnic similarity to Utani. Several churches in Utania have volunteered to "assist" the Cruistian Church of San Alandro.

Utania's Reserve Bank took the reins of currency management on Friday when the UNV stopped funding the country. A nine billion pund (ChC 3 bn) fund is available to keep the currency locked at the current rate of 3 Pund per Crown.

Discrimination against ethnic Meriteans will cease according to the Emperor of Albion-Merite. Several government ministers participated in a plot to make the discrimination against ethnic Meriteans legally obligatory.

Sanx is the winner of the Winter Vexgames for 301 AP, defeating, in controversial circumstances, by a single vote the competing bid from Morania. Utania and Lamb's Cove face off for the summer games.

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