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December 17, 300 AP

The last of the former Guwimithian dependencies* has formally asked for independence. UNVCOCN "Gvonj", the name an insult to the est. 15 million other peoples in the territory, has formerly requested independence from the UNV. Promoting a "semi-socialist", multi-ethnic paradise, the leaders of the dominant PIMR (Independence) party say they will focus economic growth through careful government guidance. The new nation will be called The Peoples Republic of Rovens.

* Guwimith, South Bay and Begral in 299, Utania in 300 and now Rovens.

However, the burgeoning independence movement has not been welcomed by all sections of Utanian society. Independence chiefs have warned that they do not see a secession possible for the smaller Utani province (Gvonj) within the UNV territory.

Protests on Tuesday by ship-builders saw over 23,000 and 17,000 in Luka and Shecker respectively marching through the streets objecting to government plans to buy surplus warships from the Zartanian Empire rather than build them in Utania's own shipyards. Defence Minister, Samuel Artos, said Wednesday that the plan was to have the ships "extensively refurbished" in Utania instead.

Zeitgeist Magazine's website, www.Zeitgeist.com.ut, will become a primary news source in the approaching new century, says Chief Executive David Wembley, providing up to the minute news to supplement the cable news service. "Our intention is to be both online and via-sattelite by the middle of this coming year, in time for the presidential elections.

As the frontline continues to move in Dignania, the support role by peacekeeping Utanian troops becomes more vital, said General Gordain in a communique to the Parliament. His 2400 troops are struggling to maintain their role. The first of the additional 8,000 troops were dispatched by President Okarvits on Monday, and four planeloads of troops are due to fly out on Tuesday.

The coal gas explosion that killed twelve men two weeks ago was found to be the result of company failure to "provide adequate safety for the miners". Frayed electrical cables and poor cleaning regimen are said to be the cause of the explosion according to a preliminary police report. Department of Labour officials are now investigating. Governor Hope leapt into action, declaring that "no Utanian worker will be unnecessarily injured on my watch" and promised to reinforce safety laws. It is seen as a populist move to garner worker support.

President Okarvits, still lost in his "administrative duties", issued word that he was marginally in favour of the "Firecats" project and was seeking Party support for his stand. While the Peoples Party almost guarantee support, and Democratic-Socialist and Burovian opposition, the Utani-Saedaj have remained oddly silent on the cause. If they oppose it, the President will only have 40 or so supporters in a house of 140, allowing the opposition to score their first overruling of the President (2/3rds vote against the President overrules his executive orders), and will need Liberal Nationalist support to avoid this.

President Okarvits took a short break from Utan Krysaror and visited Vela Luka on Thursday, attempting to convince Nystonia State's Governor Cryer from implementing the Death Penalty bill that was recently, though narrowly, passed in that state. He returned saying he had had a "fruitful but ultimately unsuccessful meeting". This now leaves a federal Parliamentary showdown in January that could severely divide the Government.

A hot and wet summer is predicted for Utania, say meteorologists, and a hurricane warning for SEOC ("South Eastern Old Continent", the region around Guwimith), especially in late December through January. SEOC sits in the prime zone for Hurricanes in the southern hemisphere, as does Bowdani and UPRMI in the new world.

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