Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
January 14, 301 AP

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The Utanian Minister for Health this week made a subdued request for assistance with the health crisis building in the country's western-most Chiquiti region. Three nations immediately responded with pledges of medical assistance, water boring equipment and water sterilising equipment: Feniz, Bowdani and Ordland. The first planes landed on Thursday.

The Savaj Emperor also sent assistance, with an attached criticism of the "democratic government", questioning whether the Utani people weren't under more compassionate rule when his forefathers ruled Utania.

The request for aid caused a storm in Parliament, and in east-coast newspapers, with many decrying the Minister's request as one from a "third world nation". On Thursday morning, President Okarvits stormed into Parliament and lambasted opposition MPs for their failure to pass bills that could have averted the crisis. The President then also dispatched army hospitals to the region.

There has been a significant shift in the political scene in Feniz. Shifting as silently as the sands of the country, pro-Globalisation forces, lead by recent Fora Rifo hero Emir Dr I'Foundpat-Role, and President of the enormous Id'S-Oylof Feniz Corporation, have effectively out-maneuvered those allied to the protectionist Caliph, His Holiness Neer'Too-Gott. The Sultan, say insiders, will now clearly align more closely with the progressive Emir.

Dignania has peace, after three years of war, after hundreds of thousands of communist troops streamed over the border from Novayoakes to support the communist South's frontline, and pushed allied forces into retreat. The truce expires in two more weeks, and is designed to provide a window for establishment of a more permanent peace.

President Okarvits has agreed for Utania to become signatory to the Anti-Terrorism Organisation (ATO), based in Ordland. Minister for Diplomatic Relations Robert Talin MP called for the organisation's charter to be stronger, that 0.5% of each signatory nation's GDP be surrendered as a form of "good behaviour bond", but the changes have been criticised by opposition and some government MPs who say the estimated Û750m could be better spent. Utania signs the treaty next week, and will push for the tougher measures at the gathering.

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