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January 28, 301 AP

Utania celebrated Confederation Day in traditional style. All eyes were focused on the Savaj capital of Navoomi where the Emperor and his father lead processions and speeches, but Utan Krysaror, Kanhara City and the Tuaman city of Tuama Koj were also the focus of other celebrations.

Kanhara City also had a sporting hero return to the city after winning a premiere golfing tournament, to help them celebrate the unity of the Utani people. Goran Rannatosu won his and Utania's first international golfing tournament in a thrilling finish. He donated Û500,000 of his winnings to the Peoples Advancement fund, a scholarship programme for young Kanharans.

The six highly successful Utanian golfers have brought home over Û9.4 million between them, and George Pennenton was 21st on the year-end tally board. Pennenton also has the distinction of three second-place positions in tournaments. The final tally for the Utanians is:

21. George PENNENTON C1,465,122 or Û4.4 million,
43. Amea ARETASUNA C915,735 or Û2.75 million,
66. Goran RANNATOSU C495,076 or Û1.5 million,
169. Samual N'BANJ C162,736 or Û485 thousand,
218. John UROJA C79,322 or Û240 thousand, and
251. Ajama GADDICH C41,182 or Û120 thousand.

Pennenton's winnings is over half a year, which means that if he had performed as well over twelve months, he would currently be sitting fourth on the IGT end-of-year tally.

Utania was also tossed from Vexillium's premiere Football tournament, Nuropia'300, by losing 3-0 to Westria in first round matches after putting in a sterling effort in front of 119,000 Westrian fans last Sunday. The Utanians had narrowly defeated Udan-Woo 4-3, and the Westrian Coach credited Utania as one of the up and coming teams. However, the Utanians must first overcome its poorly performing national organisation. Little sponsorship, poor feedback to the media, and the sacking of yet another coach, the national organisation was described as a joke by one unnamed national player. "We must improve, we must do better for next year, and I promise we will", said Joe Mandj'n, acting Vice-President of the national team. Some have signalled it is time the government took over such objects of national pride.

President Okarvits admitted on Wednesday that three Utanian peacekeepers in Dignania has been killed serving "the cause of peace", while General Gordain the CiC there is said to be highly unhappy their deaths have not been "announced to the world" in their honour. But, on Monday, the President was forced to defend the role of Utanian troops in Dignania, saying it raised Utania's international reputation as a peace-maker.

Rovens selected a President from its own number on the 18th. Matthias K'yonte, a leading member of the Democratic Freedom Alliance Party, a core party in Roven's governing PIMR coalition. The President then selected an inner cabinet of five who will serve as his key deputies in directing policy for the nation. Aside from one radical Agriculture Minister, and a right-wing moderate for Exterior Minister, the inner cabinet are moderate-leftists, definite reformers, but cautious and considered ones, to appease the powerful, conservative business leadership of the east coast, who will be key to making the reforms workable.

The International Communist Forum formed in the past week, and only one Utanian organisation was present: the microscopic Communist Party. In a press conference, the Prime Minister derided their efforts to promote communism worldwide, attracted criticism from several members of the Cruistian-Socialist faction in his own Peoples Party.

The International Aid effort in Chiquiti has successfully begun to turn the tide against the conditions there, says Mission Director John Kopeya MP. Water filtration, drilling teams and medical staff had "saved lives and stopped further thousands becoming ill from unsanitary water". President Okarvits has praised their efforts and promised to thank them personally.

With all the focus on the Chiquiti crisis, the issue of the Death Penalty has effectively been sidelined. Each of the three times debate is due, the Parliament has voted to postpone it in favour of "more pressing matters". Government MP's allied to the President and Prime Minister want to avoid a potentially catastrophic, self-destructive debate by the Government coalition, and Opposition MP's are happy to simply allow the state of Nystonia to "govern itself without federal interference".

For his part, President Okarvits has been busily working with Government MP's to draft a law which will "guarantee Utani communities under federal law". Most suspect it is a law regarding taxation, which opposition MPs have vowed to oppose. MPs and advisors have been arriving at the Presidential Administration Building by the dozens, and President Okarvits has had a very low profile for weeks. [Tech] Yep, _still_ very busy at work. [/Tech]

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