Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
February 11th, 301 AP

After a violent explosion destroyed the 34th floor of one of Joos' most well-known office towers, the Ordlandic government was threatened with secession of the Mauretanian Empire nation. Ordland then capitulated to the terrorist rebellion of the "Masters Army", and agreed to establish the Theocracy of Ordland. World leaders reacted strongly, mostly opposed to the manner in which the new nation formed, and that the nation that initiated the ATO was being manipulated by terrorists. Utania's government was divided, some happy with the peace. The President has ruled out recognising the new Theocracy for now.

It is estimated that twenty-six million Utanians watched the live broadcast from 6pm Saturday night of the final of Vexcup Namuria'00. It was perfect timing for Utanians to settle down to watch the Westria-Davenport match after dinner with the match starting at 2pm Aurelius-time or 8pm Utanian time, and both Television One and Utanian Channel Two picked up the broadcast, the latter with less reverent local commentators/comedians. Utanians were mostly ambivalent about who should win, though many east-coasters were in favour of the Westrians, most were interested in seeing a good football match! It ended at 10:30 pm with a predictable Westrian 1-0 win. This happened on .

With the broadcast of the Namuria'00 Cup mostly perfectly-suited Utanians that Utania's main broadcaster of the Vexcup, Television One, the primary government-owned station which has nationwide coverage, has had an aggregate audience of over 300 million viewing-hours, raising Û80 million in advertising revenues. It was the first time that Television One was permitted to show advertisements, though most of them were banner advertisements during matches as Television One was mandated to not interrupt a single match for advertising.

Utania's Football Association, though struggling under the weight of a "civil war" according to one sports paper, is keen to put forward Utania to host the next Vexcup, perhaps co-hosting with Guwimith. President Okarvits is said to have scoffed that they should focus on cleaning up their own act first.

President Okarvits has authorised his Defence Minister to approach military suppliers to supply an estimated Û12 billion in military hardware over three years, including ships, APCs and personal equipment. Many leftists in the government are outraged that "so much money could be put forward for defence when people are suffering".

For the first time in weeks, the Dignanian front has been quiet with few breaches of truce, and little sign that negotiations were failing. However, there is still no sign of information about the deaths of three Utanian soldiers in the peacekeeping mission there.

Utanian diplomats have been seen boarding a flight in South Bay's airport of Lukica bound for Armatirion. Utania does not yet have diplomatic relations with her nearest superpower, and many Utanians live in fear of their nearest socialist nation.

The Peoples Republic of Rovens is said to also be edging toward establishing a viable central administration, which will allow the formation of a Diplomatic Corp, and diplomatic relations with other countries. First off the blocks, according to the incoming President: Armatirion, seen as a key ally in the region. Noteably, Armatirion is also a large socialist nation, speculating on the direction of the regime. President K'yonte balanced this with also listing Westria.

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